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    Corona and car prices?

    Think its a good time to buy a new car if you have a stable job and not in danger of losing it? considering getting a hot hatch. Thought this would be good time to score a deal.
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    Xbox website allows South African registration.

    I jus registered on and created an xbox360 account. I used a South African Address. Please test it. My gamertag is ZA Ramsamy I am currently on the 1 month gold free option and am thinking of upgrading. Just thought I sjhould let ervyone know.
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    Query adsl: Shaped 4mbps for gaming?

    Hi, will a shaped 4mbps account be adequate for gaming? Looking at playing mostly warcraft III and Heroes of newerth after hours. Maybe once a week of FPS gaming online after hours as well. Tend to spend more time watching flash videos (anime and series) online.