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    Has there been salary cuts at your company?

    No pay cuts, but also no bonuses and no increases. The company did really well last year, so it is a bit of a bummer that we don't get our bonuses for past performance. But yeah, saving money and all.
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    FNB will no longer email your bank statement - Here's why

    Even where it says "Free" next to an older statement (like Sep 2019)? I can win that fight.
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    FNB will no longer email your bank statement - Here's why

    If you click on the account name, then on the "Statement History", it looks like you can access more than 3 months for free. If you click on the Statements button directly (From the "Accounts" page) then it says "eZiStatement" and makes it look like only the last 3 months are free. I have...
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    FNB will no longer email your bank statement - Here's why

    This is super annoying. And let me guess - if you download it from the website it will prompt you for a confirmation in the app, meaning I can't even script it to download my statements for me. Meanwhile I have a automated email setup which automatically downloads my statements and put it into...
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    Buy customised Macbooks in SA?

    My wife is in the market for a new Macbook. We were looking at getting the new i5 Macbook Air. However, most online reviews recommend you upgrade to the 16GB model, which of course is not sold here in SA (at least not in the iStore). Apple's own US website gives the option to add 8GB to the...
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    Macbook Pro Screen repair in Pretoria

    Looking at two potentials so far: 1) 2) Both get good reviews on Google Maps, but would appreciate anybody's experience here.
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    Macbook Pro Screen repair in Pretoria

    Any recommendations for a good shop in Pretoria? My wife's Macbook Pro from 2014/2015 had an unfortunate accident with a 12v alarm battery and a cat (who will soon be dead): It can probably do with a battery replacement too (OSX says "service needed" and it does die randomly every now and...
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    Nedbank Giveaway – R2,000 cash up for grabs

    This looks useful -- most other apps already do shopping and entertainment.
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    Do you listen to South African podcasts?

    Yeah, Poen & Toekie from RSG which aired around 10 years ago. Podcast is still available and the kids absolutely love it. Basically short Afrikaans kiddie stories. Then I used to listen to "Take back the day" from Sam Beckbessinger Simon Dingle but they produce new episodes very seldom. And...
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    HPE Nimble Storage Competition – Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Absolutely resilient Predictive analytics anticipate and prevent 99.9999% measured data availability with HPE Nimble Storage As low as 200 micro-seconds data-response time Ability to tolerate three simultaneous drive failures and drive sector failures Data protection built-in with...
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    The Battery Thread (Solar / Inverter)

    Does anybody know something about the Revov 2nd Life batteries? They're supposedly repurposed electric vehicle LiFePO4 batteries for home use, but quite a bit cheaper than a new set of LiFePO4 batteries (like PylonTechs) for the same capacity.
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    Big Microsoft Giveaway – Win your share of R2,000 cash

    The latest banner seems to be focused on genuine software, together with Pinnacle. I find it interesting that they suggest you look for the GML (Genuine Microsoft Label) at the bottom of the boxes. I can't remember when I last bought a MS product in a box on a DVD - the closest I get is buying...
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    No bill/statement for April / May?

    This is how it usually works, but for some or other weird reason doing this didn't show me anything for those months either. Yeah, I thought it might be something like this. Noticed I got an email in a new format for March's bill, but nothing since. I also noticed that they have a new app too...
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    No bill/statement for April / May?

    Hi all, Just noticed I haven't received a bill for April or May. Using the link in the "MTN Documents" emails I got previously only show me until March 2020, and using the
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    Rate the performance of Minister Ebrahim Patel

    thanks for the reminders. Changed my vote from "poor"to "pathetic".
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    Nothing about this lockdown is fair, so allow unrestricted ecommerce - Yuppiechef founder

    Part of the problem is that Ebrahim Patel said they stopped e-commerce to not give an unfair advantage to Takealot and other online players. If he said anything about he supply-chain, I didn't hear that part. But this "unfair advantage" is also silly, because many existing brick-and-mortar...
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    A simple guide to the new level 4 lockdown rules in South Africa

    Does it mean if we go back to level 5 we lose the curfew? :)
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    A simple guide to the new level 4 lockdown rules in South Africa

    Another big political party said that they should do a "smart lockdown" where they set out the minimum requirements for safety, then every business can come up with innovative ways to match it (it they can), and then re-open. For example, hairdressers could disinfect everything and wear masks...
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    A simple guide to the new level 4 lockdown rules in South Africa

    AM I allowed to go for a walk with the kids? We're fairly unorganised too...