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  1. Hemps

    Monitor internet usage

    Currently using Nethogs to monitor live internet usage for our staff on our fibre line, I have to putty in to check on it. Is there anyway to get it to display outside of putty, maybe in a web browser?
  2. Hemps

    Do we really need a Server OS just for fileserver SMB shares?

    So we busy upgrading from Server 2003, looking at Server 2019 to be on the latest, testing this all running on Proxmox 6 VM's. I have setup 2019 as AD server's, DNS, DHCP etc they work fine. Now to setup the fileServer which will only serve SMB shares, thats it Do you really need another Server...
  3. Hemps

    Router issues and Android TV wifi issue

    Lounge Setup: D-link DSL-G2562DG , dsl port isn't working but I need the Wireless AC to stream 4K as the lan port buffers when trying to stream from plex server even with MrMC. Not using any WAN Connected by cat6 lead to LAN port on the Zyxel router, LAN port to LAN port. Connected to Plex...
  4. Hemps

    Jerry Stiller dead at 92 RIP enjoyed him in Seinfeld and King of Queens
  5. Hemps

    Anyway to use local email client so we dont have to have Outlook installed on terminal server?

    We don't have licenses for Outlook on our terminal server nor do we want an email program on there. Staff connect via mstsc but need email client as some programs require it to send financials to clients. Anyway that a staff member can work via rdp and software if it needs email client opens up...
  6. Hemps

    Ativ Tab GT-P8510 Windows 8.1 RT

    I was given a Samsung Ativ Tab GT-P8510. Tried resetting the thing but nothing ever happens besides saying Preparing.... Tried to update to Windows RT 8.1 but nothing happens., says 8GB free space. Any ideas where I can get the recovery image so I can update this thing to Windows 8.1 RT? All...
  7. Hemps

    Recommend best place to buy Head tennis racket?

    In east London and we don’t have much in terms of sports stores, can anyone recommend online store? looking for Head racket?
  8. Hemps

    Fakin the funk to detect true quality of music files

    Anyone using Fakin the funk - Scanning my library now but tests showed many files where not actually flac/alac but of lower quailty.
  9. Hemps

    Recommend LTE provider?

    Hi Can you guys recommend an LTE provider, I have tested Telkom and want to go with their LTE bUT need recommend ISP and had trouble with Axxess. Ideas? Webafrica maybe
  10. Hemps

    Ideas on media setup for holiday home?

    Come xmas family and I off to Wild Coast for 3 weeks, we will only have 3G access down there so no internet as such. I would like the following setup to keep 2x boys occupied without lugging my HTPC Desktop tower with for those days wife and I want to chill. They both have Droid Tablets so want...
  11. Hemps

    Best way to manage large pst files in Outlook?

    Our manager has emails going back to 2005, he has had to keep everything and has archived here and there, he currently has two archive files 45GB and 15GB, current live pst 40GB. 50GB limit is approaching. So indexing is having issues, when he does a search it stalls. I read that we should...
  12. Hemps

    Can't access NatGeo shows on their streaming website anymore?

    Can anyone access these videos on the NatGeo website outside the US, Smartdnsproxy was working fine and I tried the vpn service as well but no go?
  13. Hemps

    Where to find converter or adapter for M.2 to sata

    I have this 256GB not being used, it was removed from a Dell and I want to make use of it in my Dell but need the adapter?
  14. Hemps

    Ideas where I can buy gokart tyres or wheels?

    My kids often build their own go karts, so far they have built a decent one without motor of course but we had to use these hard wheels that normally come with a wheel barrow. Any ideas where I can get air tyres from? Like these -...
  15. Hemps

    Upgrade Dell E5570 with SSD

    We want to replace the M.2 240gb with 512GB SSD Where can we get the HDD Cable from ? HDD Cable Connector 4G9GN
  16. Hemps

    Easiest way to cast Desktop to big screen TV in boardroom?

    What would be the easiest and most effective way to show Laptop screen on our large screen TV in our boardroom without connecting HDMI? Has to be wireless. Must be easy for staff to connect and begin casting. Chromecast?
  17. Hemps

    Tendnet AC750 router not picking up adsl or vdsl line?

    I have a Trendnet AC750 that just out of the blue stopped detecting my VDSL line at home. I have tried resetting router multiple times, nothing Upgraded the Firmware, nothing Downgraded the Firmware, nothing Everything else works, wifi, dhcp, lan etc I have now brought it to work to test on...
  18. Hemps

    declipping albums

    So been looking to get the best dynamic range version of Albums to make sure I have the best sounding music collection available. Apparently the Japan releases pre-94 have the best dynamic range to defeat the loudness wars. Most if not all Remasters released on iTunes/Deezer etc hurt my ears...
  19. Hemps

    What paid streaming services are you currently using?

    I know there are many free streaming services out there but quality is an issue and they often just vanish. So looking at paid service, I trialed iptv many times but live TV sucks with way too many ads and buffering On demand is so much better, what service do you guys recommend that most...
  20. Hemps

    Proxmox update/upgrade query

    So we running a really old Proxmox V3.1-21 with multiple VM's Always a mission even with IE to view the console, it's also slow and often just doesn't work well The later versions work wonders. What would it take to upgrade or update everything? Guessing it's a moerse schlep