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    Controversy hits new Afrikaans reality show Kwarantyn after a contestant used the k-word live on air
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    Rivet sizes

    Can someone explain this for me please? 4mm is easy, but what drill are you supposed to use for 3.2mm and 4.8mm? The latter could possibly go with 5mm but 0.3mm extra just sounds like it might be to loose a fit for 3.2mm. I don't really want to go with 4mm as a start. Drilling already adds a...
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    Weird javascript notation

    Can someone tell me what the following notation is and how would you access it? Specifically the 1630 & 1879. Or would it just be easier to put the source through regex? {"result": ["15.0 - ETH", "1630", "77315;1879;0", "15381;15483;15500;15455;15494", "0;0;0", "off;off;off;off;off"...
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    The AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT launch is a mess: here's what you need to know

    AMD announced the Radeon RX 5600 XT back at CES 2020, and the pitch is solid: provide the ultimate 1080p gaming experience at a price that makes it competitive with the GTX 1660 Ti. And that's the way it would have played out, at least until Nvidia decided to drop the price on the GeForce RTX...
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    AMDGPU question

    This may sound stupid but where do you get AMDGPU? All I can find is the AMD driver. Is there a separate open driver or is it the one included with AMDGPU-PRO? My miner is running at only 87% :(
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    Huawei mifi without battery

    The video is very poor but tell me if I'm correct. He solders the 10k resistor to the negative and the 100R resistor to the positive then connects the positive through the resistor to the left terminal, the 10k resistor to the one next to that, and the negative directly to the right terminal.
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    Critters are back!

    Don't know who still remembers this from yonks ago. Seems to be a direct to tv production. Haven't seen it yet.
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    'N*gg*r' and 'h**tk*p': PI Mike Bolhuis' TV series canned over alleged racist voice note
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    Ion Maiden changes its name due to legal dispute, leaving Early Access soon
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    Game Bargains Thread

    Valve Complete Pack - 95% off
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    Angelo Agrizzi agrees to pay R200K for his k-word tirade
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    'Not all was bad under Zuma': Motlanthe
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    Photo software bundle on Humble
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    Ethereum token nobody's heard of using 10% of the network's gas
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    New (or old) game releases

    A thread for non mainstream game releases, or old games that are available again.
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    Trading EOS

    So according to Exodus my EOS is almost half of what I have in ETH. Only used about a fifth of what I now have to buy it. What would be a good exchange to trade this on seeing as Exodus now has no support for it? Preferable don't want to do verification to send ETH back. Also is the process of...