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    Refund to Cancelled card

    My previous card was cancelled as it was not working. A new card was issued but the number obviously has changed. I requested a refund from an online retailer and they can only refund to the payment method used for the purchase. Will the refund work even though the card was cancelled?
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    Sudo command security flaw I tried to do this but seems my system is already updated.
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    Russian man sues Apple for 'turning him gay'

    Russian man sues Apple for 'turning him gay' MOSCOW, Russia - A Russian man has filed a lawsuit against Apple for moral harm claiming that an iPhone app had turned him gay, according to a copy of the complaint seen by AFP. The man filed suit in a Moscow court asking for one million rubles...
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    Motorcycle battery not Charging

    Anybody know how I can test to see what is causing that it does not charge. I know it can be the stater or something else. How do I test? This is on a Big Boy RCT170 scooter. The engine was redone in November and a week later the battery stopped charging.
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    Wanted: Workshop manual for 1981 datsun and 1993 Fiat Un

    Does anybody have have a workshop manual for these cars in a digital format?
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    RAIN fixed wireless new IP Range?

    I see this morning my IP has changed to a new range. Thanks as now I can access my work systems remotely: WAN IP address: inetnum: - netname: rain descr: rain country: ZA admin-c: RIG-AFRINIC admin-c...