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    SA citizen, dual citizenship, arriving with expired SA passport

    As per title. Death in family has necessitated unplanned flight with no time to renewat SA embassy. Any suggestions for what the person should do on arrival at immigration?
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    UIF website frustrations

    Apologies if there is a thread on this already, but when I searched MyBB for UIF it says the term is too short or too common... If anyone knows how to get around that, I'd be glad to know. If you are inconvenienced, frustrated, fed-up etc with trying to use the 'upgraded' UIF site, and have 11...
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    Cancelling Telkom internet, keeping email

    A friend has moved and can't have a Telkom line or ADSL, but wants to keep her Telkomsa email address and years of emails. She knows what admin process she needs to follow with Telkom, but has asked for help with her existing emails, which are in folders in Outlook 2007. She has been told she...
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    My Bills on MTN Active not updating?

    Has anyone else who uses this feature noticed that the January invoices and statements are not reflected? I received the email notification more than a week ago but only the December bills are reflected. Or is it just me?