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  1. bchip

    OpenAI generates software code

    So next up to be replaced by bots.......(drum roll) developers
  2. bchip

    Facebook staff walking out Facebook staff have revolted over the company’s decision to allow US president Donald Trump’s highly inflammatory and dangerous posts to remain on the platform, with a virtual walkout staged and some...
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    Never heard of it, but interesting post Why is everyone talking about Julia, the new programming language and why is it considered to be superior to the existing ones? Because Julia is a “have a cake and eat it too” kind of language. It does what was thought impossible...
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    Anybody here using pluralsight - skills assessment / courses / etc? Is it worth it? Any feedback? Monthly - $29 Annual - $199 (or $17 pm) Premium - $299 (or $25 pm)
  5. bchip

    Math fun -> 1 = 2

    Let a = b a^2 = ab (multiply by a) a^2 - b^2 = ab - b^2 (minus b^2) (a+b)(a-b) = b(a-b) a+b = b (divide by a-b) b + b = b (as a =b) 2b = b 2 = 1 :oops:
  6. bchip

    Weirdest C# Error...

    I'm currently coding something that does the following: List of numbers: 10, -20, 15, -5, 10 (start with 5) Shuffle the numbers and see how many of these dip below 10 (then stop) So possible outcomes are 1) 5 -> 10-20, stop = -5 2) 5 -> -20,stop = -15 3) 5 -> 10+10+15-20 = 15 (all got...
  7. bchip

    Ubuntu Networking Failures

    Hi all Im currently running Ubuntu 18.04 What I struggle a lot with is whenever a copy a file over (larger than >500Mb) then it often fails. It will take around 4 or 5 attempts. The file I copy is from another Ubuntu computer on a home wifi setup. (so I cant even say its a Windows issue). Why...
  8. bchip

    Microsoft will mine bitcoin with your brain Microsoft has filed a patent for a system which mines cryptocurrency through body activity, like heart rate and brain waves, that could be used by advertisers. The patent describes an 'overarching...
  9. bchip

    Time in the markets...

    So much for - "dont time the markets its all about Time in the markets" and - "just buy the market no-one can outperform anyway" as these 2 mantras seem to be common knowledge After 15 years buying Satrix40 today you would have a -25% return (excluding dividends) in dollar terms...
  10. bchip

    Python Query - functions

    I'm trying my hand at Python and seem to be stuck on something thats suppose to be quite obvious hopefully somebody can help. I pull in data (stock data) (Open, High, Low, Close) 1999/07/20,09:24:55,6520,6520,6520,6520,0 1999/07/20,09:26:55,6520,6520,6520,6520,0 etc I'm trying to convert the...
  11. bchip

    Tips for Developers

    Thought this was an interesting post: (wonder how many people agree with it here) Don’t work for a gaming company, or you’ll be spending long nights trying to meet deadlines that they’ll never ever let slide. Never ever work for a military contractor, or else you’ll be hitting the street with...
  12. bchip

    Its Y2K all over again! ...just in 18 years

    Not sure how many heard of the "2038" problem.
  13. bchip

    R Studio

    Is there anyone here who has programmed on R-Studio? I'm doing an introduction course but just have a few simple questions.
  14. bchip

    Online degrees

    Hi Was just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on online learning, specifically the degrees. I've noticed that it comes down to either Coursera or Edux, as these 2 are backed by large institutions. (These two have actual gradings/tests, versus udemy seems to only be videos which obviously...
  15. bchip

    What Google thinks it knows about you By clicking a link from Google's account settings page, users can find out what the tech giant thinks it knows about them based on search history and browsing data from Google-owned sites like...
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    Quantum Computing meets AI

    12minute video Scary times...
  17. bchip

    Article: Cyborgs

    Holy Mackerel Batman!
  18. bchip

    Telkom Using incorrect month

    I noticed today that Telkom is depleting my August month data (from 51,200 to 36,717), however my still July data is still unused (still at 51,200). Seems something worth checking if you have Telkom subscription. :mad::mad::mad:
  19. bchip

    Sentiment Analysis

    Hi guys Pet project I'm playing around with, basically it takes tweets (scanning for JSE shares/tags) with the C# API, sends the tweets to DialogFlow - where Ive trained a Machine learning model to identify whether the tweet is: Bullish/Bearish - direction can be determined by the words...