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  1. cerebus

    Cheap Chinese 1080p projectors [personal experience]

    I picked up one of these yesterday for a bargain - €100 nearly new There's like a thousand of these similar models around, so you need to do a bit of research because not all of them are specced as...
  2. cerebus

    Best songs of the decade

    List your favourite songs produced this decade. I'll start with this one:
  3. cerebus

    LTE uncapped Telkom contract takeover

    Item: Uncapped LTE Telkom contract. Comes with the B315-s router and the external antenna. Equipment is paid up so the contract comes to R518/month and renews automatically. Age: >2 years Price: R500 for handover of equipment/trouble Warranty: None Packaging: Not relevant but I think the...
  4. cerebus

    Disney+ streaming service announced

    This seems like incredibly good value for money. All of Disney's phenomenal back catalog of movies and series for $7/month. Plus exclusive streaming rights to The Simpsons. Disney+...
  5. cerebus

    iPhone 8 64gb

    Item: iPhone 8 64gb, white colour Age: Not sure Price: 7500 Warranty: Don't think so Packaging: I have the original box yes Condition: Perfect, been in a case and screen protector forever. Has the Location: Somerset West Reason: Upgrading Shipping: On you Collection: Sure when I'm back...
  6. cerebus

    Asus G750jw laptop cheap

    Item: Asus G750jw - Windows 10, i7 4700HQ; 8gb RAM, GTX765m, 250gb Samsung 840 EVO, 750gb mechanical drive (WD Black I think), FHD 17.3' display Age: About 4 years Price: R7k Warranty: none Packaging: I've got a sleeve and messenger bag for it Condition: Good Location: Somerset West Reason...
  7. cerebus

    Wii with extras

    Item: Nintendo Wii, black Age: many years Price: 900 Warranty: Nope Packaging: Yes I have the box. Condition: Good, the top flap comes off but no issues. Location: Somerset West Reason: Emigration Shipping: On you Collection: Yes Comes with the following extras: 2 Wiimotes, one with...
  8. cerebus

    Pimax 4k VR headset with extras

    Item name (be very descriptive): Pimax 4K VR headset. Comes with bundled set of motion controllers and camera, and a stand and a camera grip. Age and condition: Under 6 months, excellent condition. I can detect one dead pixel right at the bottom but impossible to see in normal situations. Do...
  9. cerebus

    Fiat Panda 2005 4x4 1.2l - R35,000

    Make/Brand: Fiat Panda 4x4 1.2l 2005 Color: Grey/red Year: 2005 Odometer reading: 163,000 Warranty: No Service history: Does have I think Condition: Drives well, has minor things that were the same when I got it. See below for more details. Extras: None Location: Somerset West Delivery...
  10. cerebus

    Best movies and series 2018

    What's your personal top 5 list of films and series for the year? MOVIES 1) Roma 2) A Star is Born 3) Avengers Infinity War 4) Eighth Grade 5) They Shall Not Grow Old Special mention - Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, Isle of Dogs, Won’t You Be My Neighbour SERIES 1) The Marvellous Mrs...
  11. cerebus

    Wanted: Airpods or right Airpod

    Item Wanted: Either a set of Airpods OR just the right Airpod Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: Whatever Location: Somerset West Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes Ballpark/Budget Amount: R800 for the right one, R1700 for a full set. My right Airpod suffered water damage. I need a new...
  12. cerebus

    Asus ROG Scar 120hz GL503GE - 1050ti, etc

    Item: Model: GL503GE - EN092 Age: Couple of months Price: R12500 Warranty: Remainder, purchased from Jack Bauer Packaging: Original packaging Condition: Perfect Location: Somerset West Reason: Upgrade Shipping: On you Collection: Sure Link: Specification sheet (buy online): GL503GE-EN092T...
  13. cerebus

    Asus PB278Q 27" 1440p LED

    Item: Asus PB278Q 27" 2560x1440 monitor Age: Not sure Price: 3500 Warranty: I don't think so Packaging: Can put it in a box, doesn't have original packaging Condition: Great. There's a very faint light area around the bottom, otherwise no issues. Location: Somerset West Reason: Not needed...
  14. cerebus

    Dell 7567 gaming laptop - 1050ti, 7700hq

    Item: Dell Inspiron 7567 gaming laptop with the following specs: 7700hq CPU GTX1050ti 4gb 16gb DDR4 15.6" 1080p LCD panel 128gb M.2 + 1tb HDD Age: Just over a year Price: 12000 Warranty: None Packaging: Original box Condition: Great, no issues Location: Somerset West Reason: Upgraded Shipping...
  15. cerebus

    Gaming PC - some awesome components

    Item name (be very descriptive): Gaming PC consisting of the following: i5 6500 cpu with stock cooler Msi Z170A Krait Gaming - R3300 new 1 x 8gb ddr4 3000mhz Kingston HyperX (lifetime @ Corex) Plextor 256gb SSD Coolermaster 650w modular - R1600 new Thermaltake View 31 tempered glass RGB case...