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  1. Pitbull

    5.9 Quake just hit NZ

  2. Pitbull

    Auctions in Cattle may be resumed after Foot and Mouth outbreak *Afrikaans article
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    Taxi industry turns to gas as high petrol prices bite Is this actually a thing?
  4. Pitbull

    PC tower for sale/Swap (PS4)

    R 6 000 or swap for PS4 i5 4600 (3.2GZ) (Aftermarket cooler) G-Skill 1600 (8GB RAM) AS Rock LGA 1150 PowerColor R 9 290 GPU Blue WD 1TB HDD Transcend 128GB SSD ANTEC Gold certified 750w PSU Edit: Forgot it's got an LG DvD Rewriter too. Built new in 2015, everything still 100%. (Have the...
  5. Pitbull

    Deep Cycle batteries (4)

    Hi Guys, My brother has 4 x CS3 batteries (Deepcycle) 12v 26ah which he removed from a UPS which has never worked. He's looking to sell them at R 700 each. Link If you're interested please PM me. Link
  6. Pitbull

    Load shedding today?

    Our power went off at 11:00 and just came on now again at 13:00. Very weird that a random outage would be precisely 2 hours ...
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    Devon Hofmeyr reponds to open letter from Francois van Rensburg

    Unfortunately I don't see any news sources running it as yet. FACEBOOK Google translate: No way I'm going to translate that myself :D
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    There is a Hippo in Harties :D
  9. Pitbull

    Opt out not working on Vodacom...

    I have now sent OUT to 08217832 a couple of times and every day I still get this annoying: Low on Airtime? Spam thing selling their airtime advance shyte. How do I go about removing myself from getting this stupid SMS daily?
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    Steam dead?

    I notice a spike of reports that it's down. Mine not working, anyone else?
  11. Pitbull

    Trevor Noah fools the Oscar audience

    Link Eish, I don't think this is going to go down well... No one would know you're lying unless they speak Xhosa you knob :D I can only see this turning ugly pretty soon
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    Vodacom rep - Fibre?

    Morning guys, I got so annoyed this morning speaking to a Mphume I felt like leaving this fibre thing all together... Vodacom sends me an e-mail with a sales order number. I need to click on it and confirm an installation date and time that suits me. I do all that on the website it then brings...
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    US Mid-term elections news and results

    Midterm voters in Johnstown say Donald Trump has revived their city's economy And so the success stories start rolling in.
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    Which ISP for Fibre?

    Hi Guys, The installers have completed the installation and our only ISP for the start is Vodacom. However, we have been informed that more ISPs seem to be getting on board and we will be able to choose between VOX MTN Cell-C Cool Ideas Cape Connect Metro fiber Makeshift Huge Connect In the...
  15. Pitbull

    Watermarking photographs

    Hi Guys, So a friend of mine has a business she runs with advertising mainly coming from facebook. Issue is, people are stealing her photographs and using it for reproduced goods or scams. I have now told her to watermark her photos. Would Powerpoint work for this? Maybe another program?
  16. Pitbull

    Telkom - Showmax partnership

    Hi Guys, I'm going to Sub to that R 100 showmax thingy on Telkom mobile. The issue here is that I will get a voucher (which I won't use, since I have it free via DSTV anyway) Was wondering if I can just pass that "free" showmax voucher on to anyone, since I only need the Free data on Telkom...
  17. Pitbull

    "Vasbyt" (Lightbringer) PvE

    Hi guys All is going well and we have 5 members so far of which 3 has been playing actively. So this will be the recruitment thread :p Again I'll just mention our aim. Most of us re-rolled completely starting afresh on a new realm. Our aim is to go through all the content from Classic then...
  18. Pitbull

    WoW patches needed

    Hi Guys Anyone in the greater JoBurg area that has that patches ? I'm so Sick of trying to get BF2 working, I might as well just play wow till I build a new machine January. Low resource games FTW :o Anyway, pls guys it would be great if I can come and pick them up today I would...
  19. Pitbull

    Dad blows up son

    Link OMG THIS IS SICK !!!!