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  1. Nick333

    Why South Africa must move to level 2 now

    If it's going to happen (it's not) it's going to happen. The virus isn't going to go away because people are sitting at home.
  2. Nick333

    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    He must see it, and that's what's worrying. Who is in charge at the moment?
  3. Nick333

    Ramaphosa: Privileged South Africans Can No Longer Close Eyes To Plight Of Poor

    So what's the solution Cyril? Higher taxes on the "privileged" in the hopes that your ruling party will suddenly become honest and competent, and use it wisely? We've been having it for 26 years, mate.
  4. Nick333

    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa remains

    Yep. Whoever still thinks that the ANC wouldn't take full advantage of the lockdown to loot and steal needs to catch a wake up. There have been allegations of NDZ being connected to cigarette smuggling for a while now, so her extending a ban on tabacco products, which are way outside her...
  5. Nick333

    Civil Disobedience

    If you are prepared to go to jail or pay a fine, then go for it.
  6. Nick333

    Coronavirus likely to keep coming back each year like the flu, say top scientists

    How do you grow herd immunity while social distancing?
  7. Nick333

    Government cuts off further funding to SAA

    If ever government had, not just an excuse, but a clear moral obligation to allow this monstrous and utterly pointless drain on the puclic purse to die... In fact, government, don't just let it die, kill it.
  8. Nick333

    Sale of cigarettes, alcohol, and fast food during lockdown to be considered

    How is this remotely relevant to the sudden and temporary ban on the sale of cigarettes?
  9. Nick333

    Sale of cigarettes, alcohol, and fast food during lockdown to be considered

    Smokers have already been contributing more towards a possible NHI in the form of sin tax, at least presumably. If you want to charge people special taxes for buying and using "bad' products you don't get to complain when they have special requirements of the public purse, unless you're...
  10. Nick333

    Sale of cigarettes, alcohol, and fast food during lockdown to be considered

    Oh for sure. Cele's fantasy of arresting everyone basically came true, and you aren't allowed to smoke in the police cells, papa. His mutterings about wishing for a permanent ban on alcohol were telling - the man is quite likely a drinker himself. He might have sincerely been talking about the...
  11. Nick333

    The coronavirus numbers we need to see in South Africa before the lockdown is relaxed

    It is either way. The question is whether it's been a pointless disaster.
  12. Nick333

    Japan Ditches China In Multi-Billion Dollar Coronavirus Shakeout

    Huh? China isn't Asia and Japan isn't the West.
  13. Nick333

    Which lockdown restrictions should be lifted?

    From themselves. [emoji849]
  14. Nick333

    Anyone else having this problem with HollywoodBets ???

    [emoji853] Jirre, broer. You're the one that made it about race.
  15. Nick333

    Pay R3m or retract! Scare for Joburg dad who accused Spar of hiking prices

    They aren't claiming R3m in losses, they're claiming R3m for losses and reputational damages as per the article. It doesn't seem unreasonable to me. A 10% loss of custom could quite easily translate to a R3m loss of income in a relatively short period of time for a retail store I would imagine.
  16. Nick333

    5G does not cause COVID-19 or create the coronavirus

    Thanks for clearing that up, Mybb.
  17. Nick333

    South Africa plans to build 10,000 new coronavirus ventilators by the end of June

    So, 2 and a half months after the scheduled end of lock down? No one has any questions? I do. Since government seems to think 10k ventilators (or more for all we know - perhaps 10k is all they think they can conceivably make by then) will be necessary then, do they a) intend on extending lock...
  18. Nick333

    Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams under fire for visiting friend during lockdown

    Who cares? The regulations don't just forbid dinner with friends, the transgression is visiting friends.