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    OneWeb launches first Internet satellites in race with SpaceX

    Ha ha. My openweb account had more timeouts and longer latency than even a geo satellite :)
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    MTN 5G vs 4G - Side-by-side speed tests

    Wikipedia is saying the original LTE on 3GPP Rel 8 was not true 4G. However the operators are on 3GPP releases 14-16 right now, which do meet the IMT-Advanced specs (and go beyond). The wiki needs to be updated to clarify that.
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    OneWeb launches first Internet satellites in race with SpaceX

    This is a massive strategic move for a country, to 'own' the LEO space globally. There have been national telco infrastructure 'wars' for well over 100 years :)
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    MTN 5G vs 4G - Side-by-side speed tests

    This may be an interesting exercise - to see the difference - as long as it is clear that comparisons are not straightforward unless you have the same spectrum assigned (MTN has 50MHz of pure 5G spectrum for these sites which it didn't have for LTE), the same customer load (LTE is far busier)...
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    MTN 5G vs 4G - Side-by-side speed tests

    The idea is to give blanket coverage on lower frequencies whilst introducing high band spectrum in high-use pockets, to handle capacity and faster speeds. MTN is the only operator thus far to go live in SA with the high band spectrum. In terms of IoT, 5G supports millions of devices and the...
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    MTN 5G vs 4G - Side-by-side speed tests

    Each new generation can use bands previously assigned to earlier generations. The so-called 4G spectrum is largely un-assigned and so SA's operators have re-farmed or dynamically assigned spectrum originally assigned for 2G (900 and 1800MHz) and for 3G (2100MHz) for use in LTE. Telkom has...
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    MTN's 5G network tested – Blisteringly fast speeds

    I'm looking at Techcentral's speedtest results on MTN and there is one significant different to MyBB's results: TC's results give latencies of 7-8ms whereas MyBB is 12ms+ This is a crucial difference for many reasons, one being that 10ms latency is a significant headline target for 5G in the...
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    The perks of working at Vodacom and MTN - Free airtime and data

    I was proud to have been the one to get signoff on free data for MTN staff At the time we introduced GPRS, staff were very ignorant of data and that impacted sales and support, not to mention management involvement. Although staff were really excited about free data, they were actually (in my...
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    HPE Nimble Storage Competition – Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Six 9's resiliency works well for my needs as I basically have live customers on board with mission-critical apps that need the 'always-on' benefit
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    ASUS launches 5 high-end laptops

    These laptop articles should come with pricing included
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    Microsoft claims removing annoying apps is a copyright violation

    My next laptop will definitely be linux and I'll keep the old laptop when a client sends or needs an ms-office doc
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    MTN 5G coming to South Africa - Here is how it will work

    I read the article twice and didn't see any new information. It says they upgraded to rel. 15, which is a given - not new info They mentioned the 3.5GHz spectrum, and acknowledged that will be temporary. What after? They mentioned spectrum sharing (already mentioned in previous articles). They...
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    The most affordable 100Mbps uncapped fibre packages in South Africa

    It would help to include more. I'm on Frogfoot via Home Connect at R988pm for 200/200 uncapped
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    Interesting COVID-19 stats in South Africa

    "Interesting" is the period before a family member or close friend dies from Covid
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    Facebook to review content policies

    What would be the impact of enforcing an open interchange system so that alternative platforms to Facebook could develop without requiring their own user bases to get going. That would allow people to switch to more socially responsible platforms without losing their current contact lists. The...
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    Facebook to review content policies

    The cynic in me says he's buying some time and hoping the furore will die down.
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    New South African Network Status Website - Please test

    I loved the idea and look forward to seeing it in action. Unfortunately customers often mix up their FNOs from their ISPs and it would help if the site was able to guide the report better when logging a report. Ultimately, some fancy AI might differentiate this site by clarifying better when a...
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    Netflix streaming quality in South Africa - No change yet

    It's MyBB keeping our industry honest :-)