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    Adriaan Basson | A new era for news as News24 prepares to launch digital subscriptions

    So now we must pay for the privilege of receiving propaganda? No thanks. Hope they crash and burn.
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    Ah geesh, not this crap again where we all sit around wondering when the grand mufti will address his subjects. Seriously, what is the presidency’s malfunction? Why schedule a national address before you’ve met with all the stakeholders? Is it that hard? Meet, make a decision, then set a time...
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    Do you think you might already have had COVID-19?

    There are suppliers that have been sitting on stockpiles of quick and highly accurate antibody self test kits but they can't get licensing approval in SA. Not sure what the issue is. Maybe they're worried that people won't understand that an antibody test will not tell you much while you are...
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    South African Covid-19 News and Discussions 2

    If you assume that this 20% rate of infection is representative of the general population then the figure would be 20% of 60m = 12 million. This is actually extremely positive news if true - means the "true" IFR is somewhere in the region of 0.03% and the whole thing is going to burn itself...
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    ‘Unknown pneumonia’ deadlier than coronavirus sweeping Kazakhstan, Chinese embassy warns

    Well that’s just great. Or is this just more fear porn?
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    What car did your parents own when you were a kid?

    Ford Corsair - they hung on to it through most of the 70's:
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    Lockdown regulations declared invalid and unconstitutional by high court

    I think it could be more encompassing than that as the leave to appeal introduced a subtlety in that she was granted leave to appeal the blanket invalidation of everything else not specifically mentioned in the original judgment, which might imply that if she does not amend the specific...
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    More than a million gravesites prepared in Gauteng

    Lol, yes but it didn’t come from the correspondent. The video actually depicts the Gauteng health MEC saying they’re preparing 1,5 million gravesites.
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    More than a million gravesites prepared in Gauteng

    The Gauteng Health MEC is shown here on eNCA clearly stating that they are digging 1.5 million graves.
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    Government looking at new laws to limit the employment of foreigners in South Africa

    As always with this government, we don't need even more laws, just proper enforcement of the existing laws. If our borders were properly managed and we implemented sensible policies around granting residence and work permits this would not be an issue. There should be at least one new law...
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    Lockdown regulations declared invalid and unconstitutional by high court

    I cannot see how the courts will continue to uphold the constitutionality of the DMA + Section 36 allowing the executive to rule by decree indefinitely. This effectively means that so long as the COGTA minister declares a state of disaster they can use section 36 to declare whatever regulation...
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    Getting tested for coronavirus in South Africa - What you need to know about test accuracy

    On the antibody tests, I know of at least one company that has large stocks of accurate, proven, 20 mins self test kits (same kits as used in UK) that would go for about R150 each and has had them ready and waiting for months, but obviously can't distribute them for lack of local licensing.
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    Microsoft accused of forcing Edge browser on Windows users

    I feel like we’ve been here before.. deja vu from 2001.
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    How concerned are you about getting COVID-19?

    These are antibody tests which will give you a result for both IgM and IgG antibodies. But IgM antibodies will only show up some time from 4 days up to 14 days after first onset of symptoms and IgG somewhere between one week and three weeks on average. So it's not going to tell you anything...
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    Many more magazines shutting down, including Men's Health and Bicycling

    Logically, the only way any magazine could ever survive is if it offered something that you couldn't get instantly and up to date online or in an app, at no cost. And that's a very, very hard ask. The only survivors might be very niche genres that lend themselves to print and/or detailed...
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    How concerned are you about getting COVID-19?

    Well AFAIK no serum tests are officially approved in SA, but they are from a reputable company known to him and have been proven to be highly accurate.
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    DA exposes ‘top secret’ government document that suggests a massive ANC power grab

    Except I wonder whether the constitution is of any concern to them. After all, they've just had a wonderful experiment in how little it matters just as long as there is a sufficient crisis to justify it.
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    South Africa’s ‘alphabet soup recovery’ – and up to 1.5 million jobs lost

    I suspect predictions of a 10% contraction will turn out to have been somewhat optimistic.
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    How concerned are you about getting COVID-19?

    I'm not very concerned for myself, as I'm quite fit and under 50 with no medical issues. I'm quite concerned about elderly relatives and friends who are not as fortunate. In fact, I wish I'd had it already to reduce the risk that I could spread it to them. I actually have a source for reliable...