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  1. Zuner

    Have you ordered from

    I want to buy an Imax B6 charger, and they seem to be the cheapest. Haven't heard of them before, don't feel like paying school fees right now. I'm in JHB they're in Durban apparently so i can't go and check.
  2. Zuner

    Network share from home?

    Hi everyone, I've got a buddy asking for some advice, he needs to replicate having a shared folder from work, but at home, for about 4 users, it's just a few excel documents that need to be accessed by the 4 users not much data at all. Right now they have it as a shared drive mapped to the...
  3. Zuner

    Retirement Fund Advice

    Hi Everyone i'd like some input with regards to a retirement fund. I recently resigned from my job, and have a retirement fund with the company through liberty. Looking at the funds income i can clearly see its rubbish, and decided to withdraw the monies and put them together with my savings...
  4. Zuner

    Matrix Warehouse Universal Laptop Charger.

    Hi Forumites So i have this friend, who purchased a universal laptop charger from matrix almost a year ago. Yes i know mistake #1 Matrix #2 Universal charger. Now that that's out of the way, the problem we are having is that their psu's keep blowing. In a 1 year period 3 have blown, he says...
  5. Zuner

    [S] Lounge Suite With Table And Wall Unit

    Item name (be very descriptive): Lounge Suite With Table And Wall Unit, couches and table are oak wood. Age and condition: Quite old, not exactly sure, But condition is fantastic. the "Leather" has been redone to perfection. Do you include packaging: Um No Warranty: Nope Reason for selling: Time...
  6. Zuner

    Foreign Substinence Allowance

    Who would've guessed my first thread wouldn't be Tech related. I need some info and understanding, i'm going away for business and i would like to know more about what monies if any that i should be getting, my step-dad gets a fair amount per day which in the end is why i'm going, we all work...