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    Getting a smartphone contract - How MTN decides

    Not really, if you're willing to import what you want. I haven't taken a phone on contract with MTN for almost a decade now. I do agree on the price plans, though.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Looks like I picked the wrong days to work from home - this past Monday and Tuesday.
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    Rain and storm for Cpt

    Bucketed down on the N1 when I was going past at about 13:40.
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    What car did your parents own when you were a kid?

    Mom - 1978 Beetle 1600, 1998 Polo Classic 1.6 Dad - 19-something Mazda 323, 1989 Jetta CLX, 1995 Citi 1.6
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    Aramex global shopper

    At least there's antibiotics for that.
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    Do you think Gauteng should get stricter lockdown rules?

    No, because people don't comply anyway.
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    Discovery Giveaway – R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Get more value from our global investments with a better exchange rate Our global investment plans offer unique benefits to help you reach your investment goals, such as fee discounts, affordable minimums, and the opportunity to invest below the prevailing exchange rate with our Global Endowment.
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    Controversy hits new Afrikaans reality show Kwarantyn after a contestant used the k-word live on air

    Kommin? K*k? Oh wait, she wasn't referring to the program.
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    Are manual cars still a thing? Is there even a future for the old gear stick?

    Yes, they are, and yes, there is... until electric drivetrains take over completely. I love my 6-speed manual.
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    Best Linux 2020

    Ubuntu, or if you don't like Canonical, Debian. Default Gnome doesn't look like much, but it gets the job done.
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    2020 Land Rover Defender (L663)

    With all its quirks and features.
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    Elon Musk wants an end to Amazon's online shopping monopoly

    Ag shame. If you want to end Amazon's "online shopping monopoly", why don't you just start your own online business (again)?
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    Test your mobile speed now - R5,000 cash up for grabs

    MTN, Paardeneiland, Cape Town Download: 88.5 Mbps Upload: 36.28 Mbps
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    All the major changes coming to Facebook and WhatsApp

    There... that sounds closer to the truth.
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    Investing: Sasol

    Just shy of 400%. Holding on to mine as well.
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    Investing: Sasol

    And Sun International...
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    MitchellsFibre (Vumatel)

    R499 is still much better than the "regular" Afrihost pricing for 10/2 on Vumatel.
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    How to pick the perfect printer

    I see your OKI Microline, and raise you an HP LaserJet 4.