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    Connecting two routers

    Hi all. With this lockdown, I have been designated to take home our server, so if the boss or other employee needs anything, I can email/drop box it to them. For the whole day I have been trying to setup a "home network" I am currently using an Asus N14U router, connected to my fibre line for...
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    Telkom Wireless phones.

    Hi Everyone. We are going to change over from Fixed Line Telkom to their wireless phones. We don't want to have a contract with Telkom, so we would have to buy a phone from them for R2000.00 each. Is it not possible to buy a different phone (a better quality) from somehwere else? If so, what...
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    Wireless Networking

    Hi Everyone Our company is planning on moving to smaller premises, so I suggested that we go wireless for our network instead of running new cables etc. We are a staff of 4 people. We are currently running a Qnap TS-431P as our server (only a file server), we don;t use specialized software for...
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    HikVision CCTV not sending Emails

    Hi Everyone. Lately my HikVision DVR (DS-7108HGHI-F1) is not sending out any emails anymore. I have not changed any settings, but I have tried changing the email address and SMTP settings, yet it still shows an error "Test Failed". I have changed it from a gmail address to another email, and I...
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    Openserve or TT connect

    Hi Everyone. I am busy procuring fibre for our company, and the two options I have with fibre providers in our area is TT Connect and Openserve. What provider would be the better one to go with? Any opinions/thoughts/experiences in the past?
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    CCTV Network Issues

    Hi All. I am trying to set up a CCTV DVR to connect to the internet. On the modem/router I have set up port forwarding: Port 85 Port 554 Port 8000 Port 443 Problem is on the DVR I am trying to setup is not user friendly like my HikVision DVR. On this DVR I have the following options; Media...
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    Connecting a Router to a Mobile Modem

    Hi All. I wonder if I may get some advice here. I am setting up a CCTV system for a friend, now I need to configure it to connect it to the internet to be able to have live viewing. My friend has a Huawei B618 LTE Router, but not sure if this modem can do port forwarding etc. At the same time...
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    Asus Modem for Fibre

    Hi Everyone, hope all is well. What wireless Asus modem can I buy for Fibre connection, but at the same time I need to connect this modem to an Asus RT-AC53 which i set up by my CCTV/Alam system. I used to use an Asus N14U modem while I had ADSL connected to the Asus RT-53 and this worked...
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    Server for small business

    Morning all. Hope all is well. Hope I am posting this in the correct section. I am working at a small company, where we have 6 PC's with windows 10, connecting to a server which is also running windows 10. I want to upgrade the server PC (which is now 10 years old), to an unused PC which...