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    Can emails (.pst file) from Office 365 be migrated back to Office 2016?

    From Outlook 365 back to Outlook 2016? As per title. I presume so, because it seems to be just a .pst file but I want some confirmation.
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    Does someone have a subscription to the I'm looking for some information I suspect might...
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    Is Telkom's 10210 down?

    Or is just me? Don't they like me? I think Telkom hates me. Anyway, long story short. My monthly debit order is a R100 less than it should be to cover my account. My debit order was actually fine till about 2/3 years ago when I upgraded but my debit order amount was never increased also. This...
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    Gangs deliver food in poor Cape Town area amid lockdown The first thought (naïve and cynical maybe) that one might have is to think that this is very weird behaviour from gangsters. Aren't they suppose to be all...
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    Easyfile error … help please.

    Can someone please help me to solve this problem? Our finance office lady has this popping up when she has to do an update.
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    How can change Telkom internet access password? *EDITED*

    I've forgotten my routers login username and password, so I'll have to reset the thing but I can't remember my internet access password. I can't phone 10210 because they only deal with serious faults. When the Telkom rep heard what my issue was, she just hung up. And I've tried the Telkom...
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    I can't really do any freestyle dancing…

    nor any other style in a respectable way… … but there are few songs that can "jump-start" me into a form of loose dancing than this track. Yes, I know it's oldish. And the lead guy has a spitting resemblance to Daniel Ricciardo.
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    Telkom ISP speeds over weekends and during school holidays

    What has your experiences been on Internet speeds during weekends and school holidays … and now with the whole country's kids confined to their homes because of the coronavirus … will this have an effect on Internet speeds?
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    The final episode of Suits (S9E10) was beautiful.

    Thanks to the "Suits family" for bringing us many years of enjoyment. I will miss the characters.
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    Boris Johnson's bid for early election fails in Brexit run-up

    From where, oh where will I receive my parliamentary entertainment from?
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    The best FREE music.

    It's on youtube. And it has been for free for content creators to use. You have already heard it plenty of times during manufacturing process videos. But during this track just hang on for the vocal part (2:48) ... it's stunningly beautiful. It's my favourite tune at the moment.
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    What's your opinion about generic colour toner cartridges?

    I'm looking for prices for a HP Enterprise 553 [508A CF360A (black) 361A, 362A, 363A (colours)] The originals are quite expensive. Between R2800-R3000 for the black and between R3500-R3800 for each of the colour cart. They do have a 5000 page yield though. I'm considering going for generic...
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    Network installation + hardware wanted from a Cape Town company

    I'm looking for a company that can supply my business with a quotation for 10 laptops, 10 Data projectors, 10 speakers (in the 30 - 40 Watt range), 10 HDMI cables, installation of hardware and network installation. And the site is about 180km north of Cape Town.
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    A shooting in America at a software company Office Space anyone???