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  1. Budza

    MTN - MTN-Direct - Couriered a "Dead" phone on 22 May 2020 - 2 months later cancels upgrade.

    I remember getting an HTC DesireHD on contract from MTN. IIRC, it was ~R89/m on the AnyTime 100 contract. 24m. I sold the phone for R2.5k. Kept the SIM and the R100 airtime per month. Don't think you can do that anymore! A year or two later, MTN also sent me a DOA phone by mistake for an...
  2. Budza

    data usage policy on RAIN

    That's the conundrum. Areas with Fibre get great rain speeds as they're not as over-subscribed. Areas without, which rely on mobile data, are dead in the water. When I was in the UK 5-6 yrs ago, I used 3's Unlimited-Data. I had LOS to the tower and also got 50Mbps + Then I think it was '4G...
  3. Budza

    What to do in Cape Town : Level 3

    Public mastication is extra thrilling. We drove to Muizenberg - take aways and park watching the surfers and waves. Take your own food if worried. Can't stay cooped up all the time... With the mountain open again, I've been riding a lot more than I did before the lockdown. Pretty safe...
  4. Budza

    Which broadband connection do you have at home?

    20/20 RSAWEB on Octotel. Upgraded from 10/5 to WFH.
  5. Budza

    I guess we will forever have to pirate in this country of ours

    I'm happy to keep my money if they don't want it. I'll get what I need either way. Sometimes piracy is just easier too, never mind the cost.
  6. Budza

    Speed when upgrading

    Yup- next it'll be the wife's phone uploading the months pics/WhatsApp backup. Upload gets maxed and line dies for a few minutes. Always during a call. Uncanny. Even with the upgrade, I'm seeing such slow downs, they're just over quicker... I'm now looking at a guest network for non-workers...
  7. Budza

    Pics of your Rig!

    I need to snap a pic of mine when next working on the innards. I've got a NUC and a micro-ATX thing stashed in here.
  8. Budza

    Telkom Mo'Winz

    Nope- I gave up.
  9. Budza

    Experimental: Bridging Rain 24/7 and Unlimitted

    I tried Speedify and it wasn't that great. The free limits allow for brief testing but that's about it. As far as I can tell, Speedify is the only option for combining traffic. Dispatch helps with general browsing and multiple users/downloads but obviously for single threads you're still...
  10. Budza

    Experimental: Bridging Rain 24/7 and Unlimitted Would this work?
  11. Budza

    Huawei Smartphone, Video Play and Hosting Promotion - Win R3,000 cash

    We actually use xneelo, so it's good to see this: That name tho! :confused:
  12. Budza

    Big Microsoft Giveaway – Win your share of R2,000 cash

    AgriTech Initiative This EEIP Initiative focuses on how the 4th Industrial Revolution can have an impact in the Agriculture sector, by leveraging emergent and established technologies to improve the performance of black smallholder farmers in South Africa. Pity they're basing this on race :(...
  13. Budza

    24 versus 36 months - The total price of smartphone contracts

    For that much cash you can get a lekker laptop + an average phone. Surely most people would be better off with that combo? What day to day stuff are people doing that requires these phones?? I get execs etc running around with these, as they have the laptop to match. Your average Joe, no way..
  14. Budza

    Speed when upgrading

    What browser are you using? My screenshot is from Edge, which should do 4K...
  15. Budza

    Telkom Freeme vs free airtime: which is used first?

    This show R30 free airtime, yet the free me bundle is depleted first: I thought free airtime was always supposed to be used first?
  16. Budza

    Speed when upgrading

    @fruitbat My 20/20: [ LMK if you have any specific tests you'd like done :) ] International Speedtest: Local: Netflix 4K: [I think this is a 4K title- I've got a few devices on the network, idle though. NF say 25MB required for 4K. I was hoping I'd get it with ~21MB]
  17. Budza

    Speed when upgrading

    Octotel don't have any speed increases for the lockdown AFAIK.