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    Bikini model says SARS ruined her life

    That's an interesting question. How does a R100m property only fetch R15m on auction? I know auctions typically yield some bargains as the buyer base is much smaller but still sounds odd. Personally I think if he paid much more than R15m for it he was done in already. As others have said when...
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    Hardware Bargains - Open Thine Wallet

    I got a pair of these from Loot. Of course the sound quality isn't as good as premium headphones but for a budget range they are getting some good reviews so worth it to look out for when they're being sold cheaply. The K1 has better voice quality but I'm not really interested in a microphone so...
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    Smartphone insurance prices in South Africa

    These prices aren't worth it. We took insurance with my first phone but cancelled it when it was becoming apparent we were paying for the device again.
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    Uncapped broadband prices - Fibre, DSL, LTE, and 5G

    Forgot Rain 4G - R479. Can't believe that fibre is still so expensive in this day and age.
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    Getting a smartphone contract - How MTN decides

    Contracts are so yesterdecade. Most South Africans can't meet the requirements for one.
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    Discovery Insure Giveaway - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Car insurance from Discovery Insure Get more than just car insurance with Discovery Insure - get market-leading innovation, service and safety features at highly competitive rates. Our innovative car insurance cover gives you the option to join Vitality Drive, our driver behaviour programme that...
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    Bitcoin Wallet

    Exodus now also has a mobile wallet, if you're not interested in all the tokens that Coinomi supports. And also comes with Trezor support now. Make sure to download from ONLY.
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    The shocking price of a PC as powerful as the PS5

    This is not an equivalent. Firstly the GeForce RTX 2080 Super is overkill for the PS5's integrated graphics. The GDDR6 is shared between the CPU and GPU. The PS5 thus does not have separate system memory. While this is great for GPU tasks it isn't so good for CPU tasks resulting in a lot of lag...
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    Awesome tech deals from Takealot and Incredible Connection

    Takealot expensive with everything. Had some credit with both TAL and Loot and comparing prices TAL more expensive with everything. Even Verimark stuff which have set prices R20 more expensive. :oops: Wtf, don't know how people can say they're saving with TAL.
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    Canon launches two new EOS mirrorless cameras

    You haven't seen the prices of the lenses yet. Also the R series isn't superior to the M series but rather a different system. Both systems lend themselves differently to different situations and you pick the one that's most appropriate for the situation.
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    6-month R350 relief grant for the unemployed

    It will hurt them so much to pay R350 to a single undeserving person in a country that has wasted and stolen trillions.
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    SARS will do your taxes for you thanks to auto-filing

    When they can't even get efiling right, move on to the next blunder.
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    6-month R350 relief grant for the unemployed

    Pretty accurate for somebody who really needs it.
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    Mimecast Giveaway - R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Modernize Your Cloud Archive Strategy Seamless integration across archiving, continuity and security. Robust e-discovery and compliance tools. Industry-leading search SLAs for real-time access to information. Frictionless, zero down data migration. Training, education and flawless...
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    Bikini model says SARS ruined her life

    I read the part you quoted. You did quote the pertinent part didn't you? The guy WAS swimming in money and you also have a severe misunderstanding what proof entails wrt tax law. Proof is having a till slip, not a forensic expert that it's genuine. If Sars alleges it to be fake the onus falls...
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    6-month R350 relief grant for the unemployed

    Just getting more ridiculous. Just pay the bloody money you feckers.
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    Bikini model says SARS ruined her life

    If the taxpayer can't prove it it's not a reasonable burden and thus not applicable. Also what you quoted says "show" and not prove. The "proof" you are suggesting in this thread means something different than what you think it does. In this case the transaction showed it to be a non-taxable...
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    Bikini model says SARS ruined her life

    It's not so simple. Proof is the financial trail which is not in Sars' favour. Sars alleges differently so the onus falls on them to prove different events than the official ones. Otherwise Sars could allege anything about any transaction and place an unmeetable onus on taxpayers. That falls...
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    South Africa's most valuable brands revealed

    Valuable to investors and valuable to consumers are two different things. Cell C, Telkom and Rain are more valuable to us as they are the only competition against the big two.