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  1. WaxLyrical

    Xiaomi passes Huawei to become third biggest smartphone maker in February I don't think Huawei will survive as a smartphone make given current conditions? Those figures are shocking.
  2. WaxLyrical

    ZeroZeroZero TV series *SPOILERS*

    Anyone watched this. Hope there's a season 2 despite major characters getting knocked off early on. Dane Dehaan who was so shyte in Valerian is the star here. Good use of back and forth storytelling from different perspectives.
  3. WaxLyrical

    SABC sorry for 'embarrassing' Ramaphosa with unedited speech :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL::ROFL:
  4. WaxLyrical

    Avengers: Endgame [***SPOILERS***]

    Reactions so far have been stellar and are spoiler free. So who's booked for this weekend?
  5. WaxLyrical

    Movies you're planning to watch on the big screen - 2019

    Me: Alita: Battle Angel Avengers Endgame That's it.
  6. WaxLyrical

    Car dealership ripoffs.

    Share your stories.
  7. WaxLyrical

    Business book video club.

    There are tons of great business books but where does one start and where's the time. I think this is great way to put forward ideas and concepts.
  8. WaxLyrical

    Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin

    Who's watching tonight?
  9. WaxLyrical

    Terminator 6 (sequel to T2)

    Already a backlash on the feminist angle a la Ghostbusters.