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    Smartphone insurance prices in South Africa

    Yeah the price of the phone has nothing to do with it. must just be cause its Cr@pple. Obviously at R20k phone will have a higher premium than a R5k phone
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    Article Mistake corrections

    Why are there so many articles now days that doesn’t have a “share your thoughts” that links to a forum thread?
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    Big table alert - Here is the full list of zero-rated websites in South Africa

    Oh look, a whole bunch of sites that probably have at least one vulnerability on which can get hacked :P
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    New iPhone SE – SA pricing

    The exchange rate screwed up the pricing here. But core screwed it up even more. R10k is just too much for a budget phone.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    My OS fibre line was just upgraded from 40mbit to 100mbit: Testing from AFRIHOST OTHER ( Retrieving server list... Selecting best server based on ping... Hosted by MTN SA (Port Elizabeth) [28.71 km]: 21.466 ms Testing download...
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    Openserve launches free fibre and ADSL speed upgrades

    These upgrades are not really made for higher end users. They're for the people who can mostly only afford 10mbit or 20mbit and the kids are now doing online schooling and parents are work from home so they need the upgrade. People who are on 40,100,200 do not really need the upgrade.
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    I seem to have issues loading images and videos on Twitter. The actual tweets load pretty instant on my timeline, but profile pics and media lag behind a few seconds before it loads. Anybody else got this issue?
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    A lot of what I know today comes from the wug days, both networking and non-networking. Got 2(technically 3) jobs from knowing people in JAWUG. Even working with you for those 6 months taught me a lot :)
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    ah remember the wug cake and tea days.
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    I would kill for a beer now
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    Cool Ideas Fibre ISP – Feedback Thread 3

    yup. Seeing same thing on my side
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    yeah I’m in knysna on openserve and it’s also super slow for me at the moment.
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    Samsung developing 150MP smartphone camera - Report

    Samsung reminds me of hifi systems that tell people that it can do 5000W PMPO rather than the 30W RMS.
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    The best data deals found hidden in Vodacom’s USSD menu

    Don't think this is hidden? Used the vodacom app over the weekend and got 1GB data for R100, but Vodacom being Vodacom, they experienced a "technical error". So I used the FNB app, FNB app showed 500mb data for R100. But when I purchased it, I got 1GB for R100
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    Uncapped fibre prices from top ISPs

    woah, they are like R100 cheaper on 40mbit than afrihost. Hmm, maybe i should give them a try
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    Aerial Fibre - Drop from pole

    Wireless is a medium. Fibre is a medium. Wireless fibre is just a marketing term which makes it sound special because it still has the word fibre in it. Also, holy crap. R1750 for a 10mbit "wireless fibre" connection with a 300GB soft cap.
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    Aerial Fibre - Drop from pole

    With my installation, the pole is 2 houses away and would have run over my neighbours yard. Neighbour said he didn't want that and made me run pvc pipe from the pole through the edge of neighbours yard and into mine. Was a pretty easy exercise. Just put a draw wire in so they can pull the fibre...
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    Aerial Fibre - Drop from pole

    What on earth is wireless fiber?