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  1. Nanfeishen

    Red intensifier filter

    Anybody know any local shops or dealers where i could possibly source a screw in 77mm Red intensifier filter ? so far looked at the following shops online catalogues and nothing - Ohms, Camerland , Camera World , Studio 22 all in C.T. Thanks.
  2. Nanfeishen

    Subliminal stress and the Lockdown.

    So have noticed , an increase in bouts of insomnia, and a decrease in appetite in the last 2-3 days. Not worried about anything per se , but i have come to understand the signs of what affects me stress wise. Its like there is some irritating nagging feeling one has forgotten something or...
  3. Nanfeishen

    So how long does Steam take to send a code?

    Trying to activate an old account through a new laptop, and the bloody thing keeps asking for a Steam guard code that is supposed to arrive via email, and no matter how many time i hit resend no emails arrive. Tried creating a new account same issue, no verification email arrives. Been almost 2...
  4. Nanfeishen

    The utter absurdity of what you can and cannot buy in shops

    So took a walk to my local Superspar , and while purchasing a lot of essential foodstuffs like Cooldrinks, chips, and chocolate i noticed some absurdities. You can buy Wood and Charcoal, but you cannot buy Blitz and Braaitongs. You cannot buy candles or parafin (the type used in cookers) and...
  5. Nanfeishen

    Turkey deploying troops to Libya
  6. Nanfeishen

    Venice - St Marks Square under water

    Highest tide in 50 Years
  7. Nanfeishen

    Australian & New Zealand Series

    So every now and again one or the other pops up. Dr Blake for instance was an extremely good Aussia series. One New Zealand series thats on the go is 'The Gulf" dark detective series , and a rather quirky Australian series called "Frayed" with Australian comedian Sarah Kendal If there others...
  8. Nanfeishen

    Stray Missile from Syrian conflict falls on Cyprus
  9. Nanfeishen

    Online radio stations

    So I found Radio Garden, basically its any if not all Radio stations in the world available to listen to. There is also an android app for it for those interested. Probabily on Apple as well. If anyone does utilise it and finds good music radio stations of any genre, would...
  10. Nanfeishen

    Devastating Fire in Wuppertal Hectic :(
  11. Nanfeishen

    Australia immigration: New migrants may have to live in rural areas More here :
  12. Nanfeishen

    Tanzanian president seeks end to contraception
  13. Nanfeishen

    Israeli minister threatens Iran