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    Foreign investors ditch South Africa

    Heard from a local high nett worth financial consultant the same thing today....She said they are all very worried and have never seen such a thing even at the worst times. Even Johann Rupert who is the biggest tax payer in SA wants to take his money out now....
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    FNB otp pin problems

    No. Are you sure you are not entering the reference number that comes with the OTP. Read the text message properly.
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    Simply Asia

    Loads of Asians in Cape Town now and also Capetonians more adventurous food wise. Simply Asia is packed here. I personally love their noodle bowls with extra chilli added of course.
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    Finance for Holiday Property Share in CC

    As someone who did this but paid R485 000 and lost ALL of it....I would say run and dont look back. These companies doing these holiday shares a bunch of accountant crooks who started a companies together. They will tell you whatever you need to hear, show you numbers how your investment will...