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    Recommend a FTTB ISP

    Hi, I am looking to replace our current 200Mbps business line with something that has the below specs: - 200Mbps+ - SLA - Dedicated IP - Failover solution (while retaining the dedicated IP) - 1:1 contention. Please make recommendations based on your past or current ISP's service.
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    Where to find capacitors in CPT?

    The in-laws' TV is busted and when trying to switch it on, it definitely sounded like a power issue. (Clicking) Opened it up and found some bulging caps on the power board. There are a few different rated caps that are bulging but I'm struggling to find a place locally that stocks 16v 2700uf...
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    Suggestions for carpool fare

    I don't like being inconvenienced by carpooling and don't really want to but there are two colleges who lives in the same area as me (3km radius) and they have asked to travel with me. Having never done this before, I'm not sure what to charge them. I also want to charge them a bit less than...
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    Recommend a reliable auto hatch (R100k)

    Hey guys With my little guy arriving soon and my wife no longer wanting to drive manual (after I got an auto), I'm looking to replace her Getz with another small hatchback for around R100k Must be automatic Must be economical Must have ISOFIX mounts Bluetooth is a plus! So far I have been...
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    Insane congestion charge invoice from London

    I went traveling earlier in the year and spend a few days in England and hired a car from Avis. On my way to Heathrow, I decided to drive to London Central and show my wife some of the attractions. We were for about 2 hours and I accidentally drove through a congestion zone (saw the sign too...
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    I think I just got really lucky - insurance claim

    So camp + river + chair in river + beer = phone in river. It was fun! and then I dropped my phone. Home button stopped working and power button intermittently. Took the phone in for repairs, the quote was more than the phone is worth and insurance paid out (And covered the assessment fee)...
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    Bought a car with a slightly worn out clutch pack - would CPA cover me?

    Original thread here -> I bought the car a month ago and absolutely love it! The only problem is that I noticed a slight shudder when changing to 2nd which is very intermittent and only happens when...
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    Audi 8v 1.8 TFSI Thought and Opinions (2013+)

    I bought an i20 diesel just over 4 years ago and while the car has been very good to me, I just can't get over how boring it is to drive... I need something more fun to drive that fits my budget and would be okay for carting around kids in the near future. I learnt how to drive with a mk2 GTI...