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    Cover up rust holes (use liquid rubber coating)

    My Tazz has some serious rust holes around the windscreen area, and it turns out that the paint made a thick enough film to cover the extent. It is not feasible to send the vehicle right now as I cannot arrange for a cheap enough substitute whilst the bodywork/painting is redone. I used duct...
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    Durban blackout

    Phoenix reporting in.
  3. V realtime update progress

    I have a old 2.0 site that needs a small update. A simple task is now being done in a batch, therefore server side processing from O(1) will change to (O)n with n being up to 2000+ ( 120 seconds in ) Without major redevelopment using more modern tech how could I give a real time...
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    Hardware-Bargains - OT

    Thought that the Hardware-Bargains thread could use a OT thread to keep it clean although I live in hope it will catch on. My boss instructed me yesterday to shop around for a Laser printer, Brother brand in mind - we have a unused TN2355 compatible cartridge already. Brother : The...
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    SQL Help - Review Required, Is my solution sound?

    ID SCHOOL Grade Student Status TUT sYear Active 2 NH ONE DAN 1 2017 TRUE 3 NH ONE JON 1 12017 2017 TRUE 4 NH ONE MAY 1 2017 TRUE 5 SC TWO PAM 4 22010 2016 FALSE 6 SC TWO PAT 2 22010 2017 TRUE 7 SC TWO FAF 5 22010 2010 FALSE 8 SC TWO RON 3 2017 TRUE 9 SC THREE SAM 6 2017 TRUE 10 SC...
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    Sql Server Date processing overhead / best practices

    Hi, I am querying a SQL server database with over 500 000 records every 2 to 5 minutes and the query i plan to execute is "SELECT MAX(actual_date) AS Max_unit_id FROM dbo.trackingTable Where (tracking_area_Id=12) and ( product_id in " & Res & ")" I am using the IN statement in the query...
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    Outlook style Form layout

    .NET beginner here. When I select one of the items in the Outlook Bar ( Mail, Contacts, Tasks etc) instantly I get the different components (Email, Contacts or Tasks grids) on the right and their respective menus, toolbars, status bar etc. I am trying to figure how to do something like...
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    Drifta "service is currently scrambled"

    Been getting error "service is currently scrambled" this since yesterday evening (Feb 17). My account was up to date ( only last Saturday I was disconnected because I was overdue - I pay months upfront but get no statements and I missed the date.) It seems that there may be quite a few...