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  1. kolaval

    Which 5k TV?

    I need an extra TV for a room. Don't want to break the bank so let's say 5K is my max( give or take some change) -Doesn't need to be 4k at all. -Preferably have Netflix and DStv now built in so I don't need another mibox. -No Telefunken. -Anything 40" and up is fine. Looks like there's some...
  2. kolaval

    Textures in games and the effect on install sizes.

    I'm curious especially related to console games. The new COD is a cool 100GB install in my standard PS4 and I assume the same on a PS4 pro. Yet the PS4 cannot render what the pro does. Do they use the exact same texture packs at different resolutions?
  3. kolaval

    How is telkom getting these addresses?

    Is there an API somewhere for it or is it their own database?
  4. kolaval

    Setup number that can phone me on my airtime.

    As per title, can I, on Vodacom, setup a number that can phone me without airtime? I do t want to give the kids airtime but want them to be able to phone me.
  5. kolaval

    GTA South Africa

    Anybody got any background on this? *Update: article found, thanks @ponder
  6. kolaval

    mastercard always on R19 for 12GB

    Looks good, wonder what the catch is?
  7. kolaval

    Canon vs Nikon "image quality"

    See here the difference in "image quality" between a Canon and a Nikon. link :p
  8. kolaval

    Diablo III release date finally unveiled

    diablo 3 15 may, now available for pre-purchase nuff said...