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  1. nemo415

    4GB DDR3 Laptop ram x 2

    Item name (be very descriptive): Samsung 4GB DDR3 SO-DIMM module X 2 Age and condition: unsure Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: Yes - 7 days Reason for selling: upgraded Price: R 500 for both - R250 each Negotiable: No Location: Centurion Shipping or collection: Shipping R 70 extra...
  2. nemo415

    [Sale] Dell CRT monitor E733s CRT monitor

    Item: 17" Dell E773s CRT monitor Age: 2003 - present Price: R 250 Warranty: 7 days to report any issues Packaging: None Condition: Working. No problems from my observation. - Kettle cable not included - VGA cable is attached to it, so it is included Location: Centurion/Pretoria Reason: Cleanup...
  3. nemo415

    2 X Dell CRT Monitors (eBucks discount available)

    Item: Dell CRT Monitor E771p (Colour: Black) Age: > 5 years Warranty: 7 days to report any problems Packaging: None Negotiable: Slightly Condition: Good working condition (No dead pixels the last time I checked) Location: Pretoria/Centurion Reason: Cleanup Shipping: Nah, don't have the...
  4. nemo415

    Game has launched their online store

    Just received an email that we can now shop online from Let's see if it survives this Friday
  5. nemo415

    Beware - MTN may recycle your Afrihost sim card if not used within 90 days!

    The TL;DR version of the scrubbed chat transcript below: - 500MB Afrihost sim received with Redmi phone stopped working yesterday - Tried the basic troubleshooting of another sim in the device, and a different device, no joy, problem isolated to SIM card - Afrihost support said MTN recycled...
  6. nemo415

    Afrihost to no longer offer capped packages <100GB

    Got this email from Afrihost, and noticed a few weeks ago I could not sign up for a new 20GB package. Looks like I need to take my R29 bucks to Axxess
  7. nemo415

    Afrihost R1 steal is back for November and December 2016

    Ahoy everyone Seems like Afrihost brought back the R1 steal Given that "Free Time" between midnight and 6pm is still on, if anyone is looking for cheap ADSL in December, you can give it a shot.