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  1. Jchan11hk

    Globalization or not?

    What is your opinion after this Covid19 story? Will globalization end and it becomes a regional economy? Who will score if it turns out like this? As Saffas, what will happen to us? Printing money in first world countries means current value of your cash will decrease, assets will hold up...
  2. Jchan11hk

    When we were in varsity?!

    All, I just remembered that when I was at UCT in 2004 till 2008, I was driving my VW Jetta 3 and later on an Opel Astra on my 4th Year. A recent visit back to UCT, I have seen SLK, Audi S3, etc on campus P6 parking... I thought the economy is not doing well, so how do some of these students...
  3. Jchan11hk

    Warranty vs Maintenance Plan

    Couple of friends have bought new vehicles this year, BMW X1 and Subaru Forrester and Alfa Stelvio. I think the concept of warranty and maintenance plan are not very clear with them and to the general public as well. The following is what I see how they should be defined. Warranty covers the...
  4. Jchan11hk

    Why would you do that?

    Just drove to work now in the rain, two things that I dont understand in SA. Riding your bike in the raino_O De-badge a car :confused: For debadging, not the model or performance badge, it is the actual manufacturer badge:unsure:
  5. Jchan11hk

    Honda S2000 vs Alfa Romeo Spider

    Took a drive with a friend yesterday. He just acquired an S2000 as his Sunday car. Drove his car as well, It is difficult for me to just change gear at 9000 rpm, it just feels un-usual :unsure: The S2000 feels solid and very stable. Not as agile as the new MX5 or Abarth 124. Anyone that can...
  6. Jchan11hk

    Turbo Repair Place in Cape Town

    Hi my dad's VW Touran turbo is having a problem so he would like to take it to a turbo repair shop in Cape Town, preferably in the Southern Suburbans. Any recommended places? I googled it and Turbo Repair Master pops up with good ratings, are they good and reliable?
  7. Jchan11hk

    Smashed and Grabbed

    Just got smashed and grabbed this morning in Bedfordview, never experienced any crime in Joburg before and always told my foreign friends how safe it is in Bedfordview. I guess I have to change my view now. The guy smashed my passenger side window and took my phone attached to the dash for...
  8. Jchan11hk

    What sort of cars would South African prefer to drive?

    Some say your car is the extension of your image, so what sort of cars would you like to drive? and why? Are you a "reliable comes first" person or are you a "presentation is everything" person? Let's see how does the Mybb community vote
  9. Jchan11hk

    Upgraded from Uchoose R220 to 10GB Data plan

    Hi experts, I just upgraded from a uchoose R220 to a 10GB data plan from 01 Nov. But all my airtime are lost? is it normal? I did ask them on Vodacom live chat before, and the agent told me it would transfer it. But now they said they cannot find my history on the Live chat, so nothing they...
  10. Jchan11hk

    Fibre ISP in Foreshore Cape Town

    Hi guys, I need to set up fibre at my apartment in Foreshore, the body corporate said there is a service provider called CTD Fibre for the building. However, I have not heard from them. Any recommendation from Cape Town. Regards Jeffrey