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    Chinese propaganda on IOL - Hong Kong residents warmly welcome national security law for HKSAR

    Millions in protest for months on end into this year, vicious brutality, but IOL comes out with this piece by Xinhua (state run China press agency). Glad to see they can pay for and run any article they want on there, seen many articles like this, nothing but praise for China during their...
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    Four nabbed in sting operation while trying to sell endangered plants worth R2 million

    "Kimberley - South African Police Service (SAPS) officers in the Northern Cape have arrested four men after they were allegedly found in possession of endangered plant species valued at about R2 million, the SAPS in the province said on Saturday. ... "It was at around 03:00 this morning...
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    Broken Vodacom website navigation

    All of the main navigation and lower navigation links lead you to a 404 - Shop, Lifestyle, Help & Support, My Vodacom. Only the footer links work. Been intermittent with other links but the Devices & contracts link was broken each of the 4 or so times I visited for over 6 months. :ROFL:. • • -->
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    GTA 5 is free on the Epic Games Store

    Free till 21 May
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    Wearing face masks prevented spread of coronavirus in Taiwan: CECC
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    Xiaomi Devices Found Tracking And Recording Browsing Data Of Millions
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    UK moves to drop Huawei as 5G vendor, citing China coronavirus transparency
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    Takealot's "essential" items

    No liquor to be found as expected... But a 50" flatscreen though Gaming mouse Armani watch Even some tyres or tents Thought their website was down to reflect changes? Not sure what's going on there.
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    Anyone on Cool ideas with SADV?

    Looking to find out what your latencies to EU are? Please specify location. If you have a moment and don't mind pinging these IP's for me that would be greeeaat: Thanks a lot :thumbsup:
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    Scam site? -

    EDIT: Jumped to conclusions, seems it's a legitimate site, from another thread. Either way, they do a great job of being pretty invisible, I'd steer clear. Spotted this "New" listing on Pricecheck The...
  11. Z buffering at night - Vox Fibre SADV - What now?

    50Mbps Vox Fibre through SA Digital Villages. So for the past couple months, had this intermittent issue where buffers and lags in the evening from roughly 7pm-10pm, making it unwatchable, even on 480p quality it buffers. Phoned Vox, an engineer worked out that the connection times...