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    Ezviz Camera's & cloud recording

    Has anyone managed to get cloud recording working with Ezviz? I see its not officially supported in SA, does anyone have a work around? Thanks!
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    [W] Mikrotik Hex (POE) / Hex Lite

    Looking for a Mikrotik Hex router, would prefer the 1GB (HEXPOE model) but Hex lite would be ok too, Location Jhb
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    Amy Winehouse dies..

    RIP Its on Sky at the moment
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    Afrihost's capped service OVERSOLD?

    Anyone else been experiencing painfully slow speeds over the past week or so? Getting little faster than dial up speeds these days since they decided to give away free gigs :(
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    BMW panel beater - jhb

    If anyone is looking for one, lyndhurst auto ARC, is TOP QUALITY!!!!!! Took my car there last week, they did such an awesome job and in less time than they promised, wont go anywhere else in future.. THEY phoned me every few days with updates, i only had to phone them once.. I never...
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    What the international media says about SA's Xenophobia