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  1. IceQB

    rain More of a drizzle...

  2. IceQB

    DSTV Extraview Heartbeat Error

    Sisters install I did few months back, yesterday gives heartbeat error. Both decoders showing waiting for heartbeat from primary. Tried calling DSTV last night no answer, so they could check if primary was set correct. Also tried resetting extraview via WhatsApp no dice. Will follow up with her...
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    Which Android Box to Buy?

    OK, so my sister wants to get a media player for her non-smart tv :whistling: She has Telkom 40+40GB Data Package (Month-to-Month), so can change as data requirements increase. No Fibre in area... yet Will need DSTV Now, Netflix & Showmax, at least for now. Used mostly evenings from 6pm-10pm...
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    Rain & Port Forwarding

    Tried open ports for Xbox & Steam, not working. Anyone else having issues or have it working?
  5. IceQB

    Is Axxess Down?

    Websites & emails hosted with them not working this morning. Can't open either.
  6. IceQB

    DSTV + Openview Install

    So have bro-in-law has DSTV wants to add Openview. Setup: Smart LNB Decoder 5U (TV1) RF Modulator with TV Link TV Link (TV2) Openview hooks up to legacy port on LNB Decoder (TV3) Can I hookup another RF Modulator (with tv link) to TV3 for viewing on TV2? Guesing would need a splitter or combiner.
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    Windows 10 Offline Updates Possible?

    Is it possible to just download the updates for Windows 10 & have it installed offline eg.. from a network share?
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    Connected but no throughput

    Strange for me yesterday since 3pm, cellc connects but could not access or any other site. Ping errors unreachable. Then dis/reconnected a few times, works for about 10-30secs, then the same "dead" all day. No "Zero-Rated". Only connected today after i gave up yesterday afternoon.