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  1. grok


    BOET FIGHTER is a mega-schweet faaghting video game where Hard Eddy and his taaghtest charnas must moer all of Fourways in the face, as they faaght to reclaim his stolen binnet! Like who here hasn't protected his cherrie from angry boets and china's? On steam...
  2. grok

    Red light on Telkom D-Link Fibre modem?

    We had no power for more than a day this week, noticed wireless wasn't working afterwards but too busy to care, then noticed this just now..
  3. grok

    Windows 10 is crap

    I've been at 4 new clients this month, all except one on Windows 10 and every single instance there was some Win10 issue I had to fix right out the box. Its not just recent either, this is similar to stuff that just didn't work after I upgraded to Win 10 on my own laptop. Small maybe but...