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    Vumacam - Vumatel's CCTV system to keep South Africa safe

    Vumatel are bunch of outright crooks themselves. We would be safer without them actually. 25% increases and when you call them out on Twitter they block you. Bastards.
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    Elon Musk offered Chinese citizenship

    The article is false. The factory wasn’t built in 3 months. Construction has just started. Tesla secured the site in mid October. It took 3 months to clear and grade the site (and I assume to get the rights to start construction). That process would probably take years in South Africa because...
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    Opportunity rover on Mars could still wake up

    Or install windscreen wipers on the solar panels (or some other cleaning mechanism)??
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    New online service for booking your driver’s licence coming soon

    Agreed. There’s always one of these people. Sigh!