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    Is it possible to get a job in Software Development without a degree or diploma?

    A degree is still the better choice for working overseas in almost every scenario. You typically have to meet both the job requirements and the country work visa requirements. Additionally, the employer may have to “prove” to the country that there is no local hire available (much easier to do...
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    These South African executive MBAs are listed among the best in the world – here’s how much graduates earn

    Would certainly be more interesting if they told us what they were making before. There’s no causal link as it stands.
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    How much money you need to be considered super rich in South Africa

    Agreed. “In rand terms, the average super wealthy South African is worth around R233 million, according to Capgemini’s data.” The above quote is actually incorrect - that is the average wealth of all SA millionaires. The median millionaire actually has a lot less than that due to the power...
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    Does anyone here know elderly people with co-mordities who have recovered from covid?

    I know of 3 people in their late 60’s and 70’s with various comorbidities. One had flu like symptoms, one needed to be hospitalized with oxygen (not incubated), and the 3rd was in an induced coma on a ventilator for a full month. All survived, but it was a close call on the last one. More...
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    How much South African game developers earn - "Not a smart move if you care about making money"

    By far the biggest differentiator is the company and job requirements of that company itself. The candidate then needs to be able to satisfy these criteria. A SA based company looking for a junior web developer may pay R12k/m, while say, Amazon SA may pay 10x that for a junior hire who did...
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    How much South African game developers earn - "Not a smart move if you care about making money"

    Yeah, the currency devaluation and CPI misalignment have been brutal in SA. My point of reference is that most of my fellow graduates were around 12k/m or so back in the late 90’s with 20k/m at the high end.
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    How much South African game developers earn - "Not a smart move if you care about making money"

    It really depends on the course and the type/sector of IT work. The variance is massive, and unfortunately one needs insider information to really get good guidance.
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    How much South African game developers earn - "Not a smart move if you care about making money"

    It seems to me that the best case scenario in SA is to work remotely for an overseas studio and get paid in a strong foreign currency. In my experience, knowing quite a few game developers worldwide (some of them very successful), the point at which their prospects diverge and trend downwards...
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    How much South African game developers earn - "Not a smart move if you care about making money"

    There’s also Toxic Bunny, Chase (stunt racing), and Desktop Dungeons (that I know of, at least). Generally speaking though, the pattern does seem to be mostly Indie games, and the studio histories tend to follow a pattern of a lot of failed attempts, and in a few lucky cases, a mild hit that...
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    Highest-paid IT and telecoms executives in South Africa

    The list is far from complete, so there are really many more within the range presented. Pretty sure Amazon SA has software engineers around the bottom of the range. :)
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    How do I know if I'm ready

    Also, when you are ready, your body begins to glow.
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    Principal Engineer

    Yeah, the problem with “lead” is that it implies that that person’s responsibilities are still essentially the same as the team mandate. Where I used to work, some principal engineers would report to a director rather than “manager” level management, and distinguished engineers would typically...
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    Principal Engineer

    In terms of the title itself - yeah, it really can mean many things. Case in point: The US firms typically have many levels above "Senior": staff, senior staff, principal, senior principal, distinguished, senior distinguished, fellow and senior fellow. Some companies only us a subset of these...
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    Principal Engineer

    I don't think that taking on all responsibility for all aspects of the above is necessarily what is meant. I literally do all of the above where I work, along with hand-on technical work. By this, I don't mean that I take the sole responsibility for all of these, or that I necessarily work on...
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    BSc Computer Science vs BScHons Computer Science ?

    ^ you said it better than me. Honours was where I was first introduced to topics at a level that I could bridge into a masters degree, and also where I first encountered proper research and academic writing for the first time. I was lucky enough to get a journal publication out of my honours...
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    Principal Engineer

    Another page on it from Amazon:
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    BSc Computer Science vs BScHons Computer Science ?

    Usually an honours degree with good marks. The key phrase for the work experience route you are looking for is: RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) RPL takes a while (proof, assessment, etc.), for just an honours...
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    Praesidium global investment fund

    Both of these things being true simultaneously makes absolutely no sense - so dodge.
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    Stack overflow survey 2017

    Let’s not forget about C now.