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    AfriForum file charges over PAC’s ‘one settler, one bullet’ event

    “Such incitement to violence against minorities is unacceptable. We cannot allow double standards to be tolerated in terms of such dangerous rhetoric in South Africa.” “AfriForum will take the necessary steps to ensure that justice is done by following appropriate legal channels. We urge the...
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    Privilege and Inheritance: Time to disrupt intergenerational transfers of wealth

    "The transfer of wealth between generations increases inequality and makes it more persistent across generations. In South Africa, the problem has an acute racial dimension, as the transfer of intergenerational wealth is a significant mechanism through which subsequent generations of white South...
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    Concerns raised as six SA cities listed amongst ‘ world’s most dangerous’
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    Anyone in Cape Town who can flash ROMS on Android phones?

    I am looking for people who know how to flash phones with new ROMS. PS, I know obviously not all phones can be flashed and it will be dependent if the ROMS are available through XDA. I will pay you to flash the ROMs, on a per phone basis. Please PM me.
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    Xenophobia: These artists will no longer be performing in South Africa
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    "#EFFturns6: Eight key quotes from Julius Malema’s speech"

    Malema Quote “We are here because we are continuing with the fight of our ancestors. Our ancestors will never rest in peace for as long as the white man walks this land and acts like they are the owners. “We thought 1994 was a turning point but only to realise we are much deeper trouble because...
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    Until quite recently the iPhone 6 have been sold for R4999 and now no iOS13 update

    Many adds advertising new iPhone 6 models as an "affordable" iPhone. I wont even call a R4999 cheap. Now you have your brand new phone but Apple wont give you iOS13. Only models from iPhone 6S and up will get iOS 13. I feel these people have been screwed.
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    Over 1200 Western Cape schools vandalised or burgled in 18 months
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    Women’s Danger Index 2019: SA is the worst country for solo female travel
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    White minority, you have been warned'. Julius Malema (2015)
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    Why are 4K/UHD monitors still so expensive in South Africa?

    The cheapest 4K monitors you can buy in South Africa starts at R5500+. In the US and Europe its much cheaper. Let me give you an example, the LG 24UD58-B 24-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with FreeSync is available from Amazon for $240 that is about R3360 converted. Almost half the price they charge...
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    South Africa sued over Eskom, Sasol air pollution

    "Government is being sued for failing to crack down on some of the world’s worst air pollution emitted by power plants operated by Eskom and refineries owned by Sasol. The case was filed in the high court in Pretoria by groundWork, an environmental rights organisation, and the Vukani...
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    So now you have sports drinks for gamers

    As titles. :ROFL::ROFL::ROFL: Wonder if Shoprite will stock it. Razer made a 'mental performance' drink so you can game even harder No, the cup doesn't have RGB lighting.
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    MTN Smart S phone is a disappointing stripped down JioPhone

    I just have a few thoughts on this phone, the MTN Smart S. The first KaiOS phone to launch in South Africa. This phone is a stripped down version of the JioPhone. Stripped down because the Jiophone come with 4G connectivity and 4GB of internal memory. The MTN Smart S though come with 512MB of...
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    Can you teach me how to mine bitcoin

    Hello I plan on mining with my graphics cards. I have watched a lot of videos today on Bitcoin mining but I am still unsure. I have never mined before and know absolutely nothing. Could you teach me. What do I do, step by step. Do I have to signup somewhere? What program do I use to mine? How...