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    Social Web Development Team

    I am looking for the team that will build websites around South Africa, those websites will focus on ads and registration T&C’s for business profits. I was told to get a team that I can work with to make this a successful business plan. I am looking for people with web development skills...
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    Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III VS Apple iPhone 5

    Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III VS Apple iPhone 5 which one do you recommend the most?
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    Why S.Africans don't seed after downloading a torrent?

    I love seeding files that i have downloaded, do you?
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    Nokia sacks 300 IT employees, transfers 820 to other companies

    Nokia is fighting bankrupcy! :(
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    Who do you think will be this year's winners?
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    Illuminati is it real.....?

    This illuminati thing ,the media and these artists that are selling their souls, what is going on!!!!?:confused: