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    Kuilsriver Highbury and Highbury Park

    So, Here I am again. Trying to get some answers out of the 10's of fiber providers. SADV being the worst and the biggest liars ever, Last year at a community meeting for the area SADV promised that by end of March 2019 fiber trenching would have started in the area. Its not almost a year later...
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    !!!WARNING: This is a Rant!!! JVC Smart Android TVs

    JVC Smart TVs are a utter bunch of (honky horn) crap. Purchased one the 11-06-2019 - Damn android is not certified. Play store does not open just a plain (retry error), DSTV now does not work(not google certified device Error), and streaming applications all close after about a minute of...
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    Kuilsriver Highbury Park Fiber

    Hi All, Is does anyone know if Highbury park in Kuilsriver Cape Town is on the plans to get fiber? Thanks
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    Highbury Park Kuilsriver WISP and ISP options

    Hi All, So I am moving this friday to highbury park in Kuilsriver, I used to lease an apartment in Buh Rein Estate where Amobia was providing a 10Mb/s fiber service for R602. Now that I am moving I am looking for internet. I see that there is a possibility of a 4mb/s Uncapped VDSL line but this...