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    DSTV Now app - poor streaming quality

    Finding catch up, Mnet and some other channels 'generally' good quality 720p or 1080p. 'Most' of the time these days. The same cannot be said for CBS reality, TLC, Food network, Discovery, NatGeo and a few others very poor quality, not even 480p I don't think... Anyone else finding the same? Is...
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    The great extras you get when you buy the Huawei P40 Lite

    No China... No. Thanks Bye
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    Showmax on LG, Choppy playback

    Hi Anyone else experience issues with choppy playback using Showmax on LG TV WebOS 3.5? Pic is clear and no buffering, just not smooth, stutter, Choppy... Thanks
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    DStv signs big streaming deal with Netflix - What to expect

    They cannot get DSTV Now to work in HD properly, what will the difference be?
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    DStv signs big streaming deal with Netflix - What to expect

    Most dstv now channels not even in 720p, when you contact them they want to blame the 50mbps fibre line while youtube and Netflix run flawlessly in 4K. Imagine all... the issues...
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    DStv signs big streaming deal with Netflix - What to expect

    Wow, thanks, but no thanks...
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    Schools will not be ready to open on 8 June, say Unions

    Government will never get this right! The expectation is ridiculous...
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    DStv asks Premium subscribers to return for live sport

    Where's the standalone streaming SPORT package?
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    Awesome tech deals from Incredible Connection and Takealot

    Not very special are they?
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    Rebel Tech is shutting down

    That's 'easy' talk!
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    Rebel Tech is shutting down

    Do you know what the intentions are behind the lockdown?
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    Rebel Tech is shutting down

    Sad and sorry to hear this kind of thing. ANC ridiculous lockdown strategy is going to kill much more than any covid virus ever could! Nothing new of course for the ANC!
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    South Africa is heading for a humanitarian disaster - Sygnia CEO

    Authorities are not heading the warnings because their stomachs are full and keep getting full salaries...