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    Ipad air wifi only

    Sorry if there's a thread for this, but it doesn't seem as though the wifi only ipad air is in SA. Any guess on ETA?
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    Personal hotspot for iPad?

    Does anyone know if the iPad will have personal hotspot enabled? I see in the US that ATT will be enabling this.
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    Shattered iPhone 4 rear

    So my wife dropped my iPhone and the back of it shattered - looks like a windscreen that's been in an accident and is dropping slivers of glass all over the place. I assume for repairs it will have to go back to MTN?
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    iPhone 4 32Gb stock?

    Everywhere is sold out of the iPhone 4 32Gb model in CT - anyone know any different?
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    IOS 4.1 released today?

    Is it being released today? If so, when? And if you install it, how is it? Questions, questions...
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    Speaker dead on iPhone 3GS

    My external speaker on my 3GS has died. Tried the whole "plug in earphones and remove" trick as per many forums. Also did a full restore and a wipe. Nothing. Any other suggestions before I take it in to Vodadontcare?
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    Antennagate - is it really that bad? So looking through this and seeing that this apparently happens to a lot of phones, has all the negative publicity been justified?
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    iOS 4.0.1

    How do I download ios 4.0.1 without using iTunes? My connection keeps dropping so I want to use a DL manager...
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    Why I'm not getting an iPhone 4

    So I had my first look at it today on a friend's who's over from the UK and here's my verdict: It looks absolutely awesome. Really really top drawer build quality and the display is incredible. Light, thin and feels really good. Camera is amazing and picture/video quality is very good. We all...
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    iPhone 4 - is it really worth it?

    So my contract comes up for renewal in September, and I'll probably go for the iPhone 4 if there's not too much of a pay in. While I like Apple products, I don't get the big fuss about the new one. FaceTime? Errrm, video calling has been around for ages now, and frankly, most of the time I'm not...
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    Why people hate Apple - or anyone for that matter
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    Jailbreaking iPhone 3GS

    I've never jailbroken (is that a word?) my iPhone and before iOS4 comes out I thought I'd give it a go. Does anyone know of a good guide/manual on how to do this?
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    56 days of the iPad - from a Fanboi I was always going to wait for iPad 2.0 - this confirms it for me...