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    Decoder update issue?

    My Dstv decoder HD Model 4U is having update issues.Every day it tries to do an update.It gets to a white screen and then says downloading.It gets to 6s and then i get this error 0x87 Front End Lock Failed. Phoned dstv support they cant help me. Any ideas on how to solve this?(Ive just been...
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    Ive been looking at the two options.The quietest genny you can get for the power i need is the honda eu65is inverter gen at R60k.Its a 6.5kva unit with 5500W.Im in a complex so cant have a noisy gen. Ive phoned a few inverter supply companies and they reckon about R40k for a similar inverter...
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    Surge Protection plugs

    I see Ellies has a Medium surge protection multiplug as well as a High surge protection multiplug. Which one is recommended for SA's loadshedding and unexpected blackouts or power surges? I just lost an aircon to a power surge
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    Inverter or non inverter aircon?

    Load shedding fried my current aircon.Is it worth spending the extra on an inverter unit for my home.I believe they have less power draw. Looking ahead we are getting a generator and i was thinking that less startup power and less running power would save wattage on the gen for other devices.
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    Aircons and generators help?

    Im looking at getting an inverter generator.Ive done some research and the honda 30 uis inv gen comes out tops in terms of noise,efficiency is however costly for a small household price is around R30k Its a 3kva gen with 2800w power output. Would i be able to run a 12000 btu split unit...
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    Fibre router recommendations?

    I have the router which my isp provided and the wifi range is crap... Any suggestions for a decent router with a good range under R1200?
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    Anyone driven the new 2019 Toyota RAV4?

    I was wondering who owns one of these or has had a test drive.I certainly wont go for the CVT i havnt heard good reviews of it. Id go for the entry 2.0 GX manual but it looks great.My only concern is the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine a bit underpowered at 127Kw and 203Nm torque? Opinions?
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    Mazda CX-5 or Kia Sportage?

    Looking at getting either of these SUV's.I would go for the diesel in both cars.Mazda has a bit more power and torque but Mazda has a 3yr warranty against the great 5 yr warranty of the Kia. Im leaning toward the kia for the warranty but maybe the mazda is so good it doesnt need the extra...
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    Best iPad cover under R300?

    Hi all Getting the ipad 4,seems to be hundreds of different covers to choose. Can anyone recommend one for under R300? thanks