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  1. howardb

    6v Rechargeable Battery type?

    Hi all, I've got an LED battery-powered rechargeable lantern from a number of years back, however the rechargeable batteries no longer hold charge when charging. After some testing, I've established that the 3 individual batteries are rechargeable 6v, with the 3 batteries joined in parallel. As...
  2. howardb

    Windows 10 program window sizes not kept?

    Hi all, I recently gave in and upgraded my Win 7 to Win 10 OS. The monitor is an LG 34" ultrawide, correct and latest drivers loaded, res/desktop at default of 2560x1080. Win 10 seems to work well (except for the unfriendly menus and settings), however I have an issue with program window sizes...
  3. howardb

    Is Takealot manipulating product reviews?

    Hi all, Just want to see if others experience (or have experienced) the same, before I take it further. I normally provide a fair product review on some items I buy, and have noticed recently that on two recent occasions a product I reviewed on Takealot is not reflecting what I actually...
  4. howardb

    What connector is used on a 40mm 12v fan?

    Does anyone know what female connector type is used for the smaller 12v DC fans? I'm looking to get some male connectors to make it easier to replace these fans on my printer - currently have to join/solder each time which becomes a PITA... The standard PC fans seem to be molex 2/3/4 pin (PWM)...
  5. howardb

    HELP: Antec Veris Elite power issue - need some advice on confirming the pin wiring

    Hi all, Managed to finally get all my mini-ITX HTPC components together over the last few months and busy putting them all together - everything is done and OS installed, the only exception is my Antec Veris Elite VFD/remote module - it's installed per the instructions, however the system...
  6. howardb

    SLI Bridge for dual 7600GT cards - where to get?

    Hi all, I just updated the motherboard of my wife's PC and the PCI-e slots are much wider apart than on the previous board. I was using an solid SLI bridge (marked 1 on the pic below) for this, but now have to find a longer one with the right connectors - the one marked "2" on the same pic is...
  7. howardb

    Samsung 2333SW - 23" Wide

    Hi dealers, I'm looking for a price/quote on the new model Samsung 2333SW, 23" Wide, 1920x1200. I may need two units... and may need them rather soon - lowest price I've found so far is R2279 incl. Do any dealers here have a similar or lower pricing for this model? Cheers, HB
  8. howardb

    New SD cards to store 2 TB

    Source -- The SD Association has unveiled a new generation of SD cards, dubbed SDXC. These "eXtended Capacity" cards are likely to provide 64 GB of storage at first and will eventually max out at a whopping 2 TB. Read/write speeds will start at 104 MB per second, but the SD...