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  1. alphabyte

    Will new SSD be picked up by BIOS?

    A question to those who have more experience than me: I am planning on upgrading my desktop PC by installing a SSD which will carry the Operating System (Windows 10) and program files. My concern is that it is an old motherboard that dates from 2011 (pre-SSD days), and I am wondering if the BIOS...
  2. alphabyte

    Email is being periodically blocked by firewall.

    One of my clients has an issue in which her email access is being periodically blocked by the server's firewall. The error message says that there were multiple unsuccessful POP/IMAP logon attempts, and therefore the access from that IP address was blocked. The service provider advises me to...
  3. alphabyte

    For Sale: Yamaha Sub-Woofer

    For Sale Item name: Yamaha Sub-woofer YST-SW205 Age and condition: 14 years; as-new condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Moved into a complex where I cannot use it Price: R2500 Negotiable: No Location: Pretoria East Shipping or collection: Collection...
  4. alphabyte

    Shopping basket quotes only

    Hi All, I have opened a new thread earlier this morning but it seems to have vanished into thin air... I have searched Google and have not been able to find what I need, so I am hoping some bright soul here can help. What I need is an e-commerce shopping basket (preferably free and/or open...