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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    Huawei P9 2019. Price was good, and it is a great phone if you are not on a contract.
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    Test your speed, rate your ISP, win great prizes worth R5,000

    ISP: Webafrica 200Mb/s fiber Ping: 3ms Download: 195.42Mbps Upload: 202.83Mbps
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    MyBroadband Rugby World Cup Giveaway

    Cheslin's try sealing the deal.
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win prizes worth R5,000
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    Test your broadband speed and win prizes worth R5,000 Webafrica / Internet Solutions
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    useless morons broadcasting old weeds

    Tonight's Weeds is at least two seasons old. What a bunch of tossers. Tried calling but call centre closes at 11. Idiots. :mad::mad::mad:
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    Sharks Supporters Thread

    Tabs are wrongly shown - the 0s are draws.