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    Takealot selling fakes?

    TL;DR : TAKEALOT SOLD FAKES, TOLD ME TO F OFF Afternoon members, I need some advice on this one. So I recently purchased a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses from TA on a special, and like all my frames I proceeded to fit in my prescription lenses while still holding onto my old lens. So after a few...
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    I dont know if this has been posted already but its worth a watch :
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    IPAD 16GB

    Sup chaps, can anyone tell me if these guys are legit : Seems like a great price.
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    Another Core i7 Build (with a twist)

    Hello MyBB Gurus.. please assist me with this latest build i have as I don’t have enough knowledge about the latest and greatest out there and I don’t have much time to read up as i need to have these done soon I have 3 PC's I need to build 1 x machine is for a director who wants Intel’s i7 to...
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    First Time Buyer - newbie

    Hi Guys, I’m an IT guy with no photography background. My company has asked me to purchase 2 cameras for video and stills. I am based in Durban and cannot find any decent places i can test out equipment. I also narrowed my choice down to the Canon D550 for stills and the Canon HV20 for...
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    Anyone know where to find these locally?
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    Another Laptop Thread - First Timer

    Hi Guys, Im looking for any suggestions on a sub R15000 notebook. Requirments are: • Powerful (Core2duo, i5, i7, 4gigs ram, etc) • Stylish (even though its for business it has to look good in meetings) • Portable (will travel alot so size and build quality are important) • Built in 3G •...