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    Explained - MetroFibre free speed upgrades

    Metrofibre think so small too often. They force every ISP to pay a node fee for every area the ISP wants to go live in. No other provider does this. So the ISP has to pay a monthly fee, the NNI and a node fee for each location(Centurion alone has like 4 Nodes) and is now telling the ISP to pay...
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    Food Delivery Voucher Thread

    Does anyone know when the coupon code “yay150za” for uber eats expires?
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Thanks for letting me know guys!
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Can anyone point me to the costs for Debit orders coming off the discovery Bank Platinum Credit card? Can you put your Debit orders on the credit card? I want to do this so I make up the quota required for the benefits/rewards and do not have the suite nor can I upgrade to it.
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    There must be an issue here....
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Please let me know what they have to say about this. I am not impressed :/
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    My Status went from Diamond to silver! They have added a new section under Insurence which dropped my 25000 to 18750 HOWEVER I have all three of their required products with Discovery...
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    I am on diamond. Last weeks goal took a while to show come through so because Discovery thought I had not hit my 20 points weekly reward I was dropped back to Gold! The points then came through and I was moved back to Diamon. So not only do all your finances need to be in order, but you also...
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Does anyone know how yo can check if you have the full banking suite or just the credit card with discovery bank?
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Am I correct in saying that the flight rewards have gone down with discovery? I always used to get 35% on Vitality and now it looks like I still only get 35% with having both vitality and bank?! Does this mean someone on Vitality health on Diamond will not get 35% anymore? It seems to me...
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    I got my Platinum account to Diamond. Going from Gold to Diamonds took my Fuel rewards from 9% to 15%. The extra 5% must be for Black card holders?: In terms of Dynamic Interest rates, they hit the max Positive Balance = 6% Savings account rate=7% Borrowing rate= 14.75% I have Discivery...
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    I am on a Platinum card on Gold status....That must be how :/ the extra must be if you are on Diamond.
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    If I go to I see this: If I go to My discovery Drive section I see this: So I assume that the rewards page isnt taking into account my 25% off Drive and only taking into account my Discovery Bankcard rewards sitting at 9%.
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    Does anyone know if the dynamic discounts show your total savings including your Discovery Healthy Vitality discounts, Discovery drive discounts and the discovery bank discounts or is it only Discovery Bank discounts? I would assume its your total discount access all your products? Experience...
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    Cell C sim+iphone switching to Vodacom with no data.

    Hi Guys I recently moved from MTN to Cell C and so far have been very impressed with the 3G covrage and the speed vs MTN. My problem is when I am in a bad cell C signal area my device moves over from the CellC network onto Vodacom and switches the DATA connection from 3G to edge. Being on...
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    DSTV wont swap out New Drifta in warranty because its been on 2 accounts.

    Hey Guys I Recently bought a brand new DSTV Mobile Drifta from a colleage who had got himself a HD PVR of which came with the Mobile drifta Decoder. He had tied the decoder to his account a day before I bought it(He had had it for less than a week) Once I bought it from him he canceled his...
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    iPhone Lion OS X

    Its just a theme,its not actualy the OS? Am I correct in saying this? I find these themes you have to run in an app useless!
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    iPad 3 in October?

    Highly unlikley in my opinion. Apple would prefer to milk us every 6 months vs 2 products at one time IE iphone 5 now ;)
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    iPad2 + sms

    You could also use skype to send texts from the ipad if you want. I tried textfree on my iphone once and it didnt work for myself but wil ltry it again. It seems like yu have got some good feedback and have a few options.
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    iOs 5?

    October 4 they will anounce the next Gen iphone and Most reckon by the 10th iOS5 will be out for download. But you cant always count on these rumours so in a month I reckon iOS5 will be out latests and A jailbreak should take about 3weeks becaue its a highly wanted iOS update.