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  1. marine1

    Inverter information

    Need some explanation please, A UHD tv running on an inverter with 2 batteries, 2400VA 1440W and 100 AMP batteries, How long would it run? My understanding is the TV draws around what 100w? Would appreciate the explanation Tks
  2. marine1

    Non irradiated honey

    I'm looking for a locally produced honey non irradiated. Any suggestions as to the best real.hiney that isn't from China and isn't just sugar? I'm trying the "eat naked" raw honey product now but cannot find if its irradiated. Seems any imported honey is pretty much crap.
  3. marine1

    LG 34WK650-W34 WFHD

    Would you recommend this monitor for gaming and work? For example running COD and normal work stuff? Dies it make much of a difference if running off NVIDIA card opposed to AMD? For the price is it worth the money? Using an Nvidia 1050ti Thanks
  4. marine1

    Which printer

    Looking for a 3 or 4 in 1 with wifi what about the Epson L5190? Want something with wifi printing I assume ink tank is the better option these days? Do I need such a high spec or perhaps maybe a 3 in 1 as I don't need fax Thanks guys for home and small office use
  5. marine1

    Again line has dropped

    On MFN seriously again? CI What is going on there? Line drops almost every other day then all if a sudden comes back minutes or even an hour later This is really making me mad
  6. marine1

    Activate call forwarding to another number

    How would one do this on Telkom Mobile? So if number is off it diverts to another number Thanks
  7. marine1

    SEO issue with analytics

    Hey guys need some help, Used a site builder to change my siste hosted with Domains, I entered the Google code into the SEO section. Everything is setup and verified according to Google analytics however im getting zero information on it that any activity excists on the site. Which is impossible...
  8. marine1

    Samsung curved monitor

    Need some advice in which monitor please. I saw a client using some very nice looking Samsung curved monitors. What I want to know is can these also be used for gaming ? What is the performance like with gaming? I want to use them for work as well as gaming in COD etc etc. Preferably 2 of them...
  9. marine1

    Line keeps dropping

    Don't know what is happening at CI last night linee dropped for 20 min now same thing there is no connection but fibre is up on the box. Waiting 15 min on call centre and get cut off. Ffs
  10. marine1

    Outlook and Gmail question

    Hi guys I have a question hopefully you can help? I have Outlook on desktop that pulls my mail from my domain ( directly. I use Gmail also to pull it through as well as Gmail on my phone as its just easier to manage multiple accounts on my domain and then reply using Gmail. It just...
  11. marine1

    Samsung S10+ Update on Smartswitch

    Wonder if you guys can help? I loaded smartswitch to backup my phone and it came with the following message: What is this TD1 version? Thanks
  12. marine1

    Truecaller help

    Hi everyone I have a weird problem When accessing TC I open the app , using the dialer on my home screen. I see a list of who I called and I want to call that same person again. I click on the name and it sometimes opens up the messages. I dont use the TC app for messages i just want to click...
  13. marine1

    Just want to say fantastic support guys. Had to get a new site up and running and the support has been great. Well worth the costs
  14. marine1

    Just want to say fantastic support guys. Had to get a new site up and running and the support has been great. Well worth the costs
  15. marine1

    Esquire open ?

    I recall saying they are open but only to Essential Service providers, is this correct? @Esquire
  16. marine1

    Looking for ink cartridges - HELP

    Hi guys I have a Canon MX850, Looking for cartridges specifically black on Takealot and cannot for the life of me seem to find the correct ones. Could anyopne perhaps assist? Need them during lockdown.
  17. marine1

    Monitor Website downtime

    Hi everyone Need some advice, is there a service that monitors your website if it goes down? do not offer this and yesterday my site went down, I would never have known but a customer let us know, do not offer this service, which I think is quite stupid Wordpress site...
  18. marine1

    Top Iranian cleric okays buying future Israeli coronavirus vaccine

    Naser Makarem Shirazi, 93, a Holocaust-denying hardliner and one of the highest religious authorities in Iran, says using vaccine made by ‘Zionists’ okay if ‘there’s no substitute’
  19. marine1

    Samsung J111F

    I am trying to reset the phone that the guys at work forgot the password to. I went into the factory mode or whatever its called, wiped the partition, reset it there, restarted and it keeps saying, you reset this phone please enter your previous Google account details into the phone. I have no...
  20. marine1

    Car drives into German carnival parade, around 30 injured Witnesses say man appeared to have targeted children and had driven 'at full throttle' into crowd; police call off carnival parades in German state of Hesse as precautionary measure