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  1. SirFooK'nG

    Huawei B618 Wan to an Asus Router

    Ok So: 1- DMZ the Asus ( on the B618 2- Leave DHCP on the B618 but different IP range ( 3- Plug B618 LAN directly onto Asus WAN? or can the B618 be anywhere on the Asus network (via a switch). And thanks guys for the replies .. for some reason I did not get notifications...
  2. SirFooK'nG

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    My flipping download failed last night while trying to update. My MW install location is a dedicated 220gb SSD ... apparently its not big enough anymore. So had to move the entire folder to my storage drive and continue updating ... 20gb left, I hope it finishes before I get home today. But Rain...
  3. SirFooK'nG

    Huawei B618 Wan to an Asus Router

    Hi Guys, I want to use my B618 on the Wan port of my Asus Router RT-AC87U. Has anyone done this? Both devices have Wan ports, would I just plug them in and run each on its own ip range ? RT-AC87U (DHCP) B618 = (would it need to be DHCP or Static?) Currently I use the...
  4. SirFooK'nG

    SARS E-Filing 2019/20

    Cool beans ... got my payment this morning
  5. SirFooK'nG

    Will new SSD be picked up by BIOS?

    I Just installed a new A-Data 480gb on an old GA-H67MA-USB3-B3 (rev. 1.0) motherboard released in June 2011 just fine....
  6. SirFooK'nG

    Torrent Upload - Not Working

    So I do not torrent much but when I do I use a private tracker from a site that I have to maintain a seeding ratio. Since last year I can't figure out why I am unable to seed anymore? I have tried qBitorrent, Deluge, Vuze, non of them work. I Have 4 locations with different routers & ISP's and...
  7. SirFooK'nG

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Ja ... wasnt aware it was double weapon XP weekend.... no worries
  8. SirFooK'nG

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Finally unlocked the Bruen.... now leveling up to unlock attachments. Used a 30min 2XP weapon token as soon as I unlocked it. Will complete gold on it sometime today.
  9. SirFooK'nG

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Yeah, I know if you leave the match you lose the count... big no no! I'll probably nail them tonight.
  10. SirFooK'nG

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    I was trying to figure it out I pop the smoke, come running in and open fire... Had plenty where I thought I met the criteria for a counted kill and did not register.
  11. SirFooK'nG

    Carolina Reaper chilli.

    If anyone has a trinidad moruga scorpion seed or two for me... would much appreciate. The ones I bought, not one germinated. My collection has grown (first season) planted the following: 1. Tabasco 2. Carolina Reaper 3. Chocolate Habenero 4. Generic Habenero 5. Jalapeno 6. Paprika 7. Green...
  12. SirFooK'nG

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    I can go a whole game on one mag ....
  13. SirFooK'nG

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Still trying to unlock mine, have 9 more games to kill 3 people (near smoke)... problem is I started using the PKM with a thermal scope and enjoy it so much, forgot to throw the smoke...
  14. SirFooK'nG

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    I used to play HC exclusively till this COD, I should hit it again... Cant say why I changed? Probably because default was Core and I just hit play!
  15. SirFooK'nG

    Big changes for Octotel fibre line speeds and prices

    FFS.... just give me FTTH already. Years of waiting now :mad:
  16. SirFooK'nG

    Vodacom Fibre Promotion - Win your share of R2,000 cash

    Free installation + activation with router
  17. SirFooK'nG

    Monitor CCTV via Android TV box?

    I Started here its quite a setup procedure, but not too bad.
  18. SirFooK'nG

    Monitor CCTV via Android TV box?

    For IP cameras (Hikvision) I have setup a few Pi3's and Pi2's on some monitors. This I use to view live images only, no advanced stuff like playback etc... (I had the Pi's spare and wanted fixed monitors in certain areas at home)
  19. SirFooK'nG

    Why no-one can ever recover from COVID-19 in England – a statistical anomaly

    My theory on our low death rate; Undiagnosed people who die from covid19 get "natural death" certificates and are not tested for the virus at all. this could be backed up by the fact statistically we have more deaths than the norm for this time of year. (Source)
  20. SirFooK'nG

    Roll-on suggestion

    What I use ...don't care for "manly" smells... zero alcohol & works well.