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  1. rh1

    Selecting new tyres

    I only buy bridgestones. Dont look at any other tires.
  2. rh1

    DA Councillor Renaldo Gouws embroiled in social media row

    So typical politician.
  3. rh1

    DA Councillor Renaldo Gouws embroiled in social media row

    I had a post deleted about this, was not even the original poster, I just responded on the person who originally linked the two.
  4. rh1

    WATCH | Locals loot beer after SAB truck collapses on highway

    Still have something to tide me over
  5. rh1

    58 people are murdered every day in South Africa – these are the worst areas

    Does Strandfontein Station not serve a part of Rocklands?
  6. rh1

    WATCH | Locals loot beer after SAB truck collapses on highway

    The beer snobs on the forum:cautious:. I drink Castle Lite, and truly enjoy it. Had my second last one last night. I remember a saying: You cannot complain about a friends brand of beer, only about how cold it is. So I dont normally complain about other people's prerferences in beers, but there...
  7. rh1

    How Takealot crushed Makro

    Takealot email? A few years ago i ordered a cellphone from Takealot, they indicated it would be delivered on a specific date, it was not, tried to locate an email address which was nowhere on thier website, I eventually used Facebook which was thier only public communication. I ended up...
  8. rh1

    IMF money will be well-spent by government: Treasury

    Its not about the top line, its is the government (in all its forms) spend, we can ask for $1trillion, and nothing will change in South Africa: Schooling will still be substandard Public health will still kill you Fruitless and wastefull expenditure will be in amounts you cannot physically...
  9. rh1

    Soundbars vs Home Theatre systems

    Reading through the thread, I realised "Ek kannie saam praat nie". I have two cheap all in ones. One I purchased in 2007, a Sony System DAV-DZ270. I have no issue with it, sounds good to me. But then I am not a audiophile. The second one I purchase in 2012/2013, part a Samsung TV promotion...
  10. rh1

    Former Springbok faces R9m claim following shooting incident

    I guess it was a deal breaker.
  11. rh1

    What laptop does your company provide staff with?

    If I did have input: SSD, no need for big HDD, all work needs to be the on server. In my opinion, really good boost to productivity. Large battery capacity. With load shedding and working from home, this is becoming more important, luckily work laptop seems to last a minimum of 4 hours currently.
  12. rh1

    What laptop does your company provide staff with?

    In my experience, it goes two ways, bigger screen and built in numeric keypads, easier when working on big spreadsheets. Smaller screen, smaller keyboard, more portable and lighter. This seems to be the current trend in most companies, with the end user having little input into the machine...
  13. rh1

    Who here eats Fish Paste?

    I agree, no difference as I posted a few years ago in this thread. Been reading up on this thread. For those who dont know: Marmite, Bovril, Redro and Pecks are Bokomo products.
  14. rh1

    Powerships are ready to stop load-shedding in South Africa

    If you see the wires used for illegal connections in If you see the wires used in the townships for illegal connections, this is a super upgrade.
  15. rh1

    Pick n Pay ‘AIM’ brand TVs

    Thanks, they probably wont deliver to JHB.
  16. rh1

    Pick n Pay ‘AIM’ brand TVs

    Is the deal still on, my excuse, I am short sighted. Only get the grated cheese. Tried searching, no such luck.
  17. rh1

    Gas issue.

    It should work provided the connector is the same size. Maybe an empty gas bottle or faulty heater.
  18. rh1

    First Tempo now Chocolate Log Nestle SA calls it quits on these chocolate bars

    I think this was discussed in one or another thread, I replied that I miss my Tempo, and someone responded, 5star is the new "Tempo". I honestly cannot remember now how a Tempo taste. But 5star has become one of the few chocolates bars that I eat.
  19. rh1

    5 killed in hostage situation at Gauteng church

    These "Churches" are big business.
  20. rh1

    Post Office delays due to level 3 lockdown

    They were on Covid lockdown before the rest of the world. Now they can proudly advertised that they were the forerunners of what was to come.