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    Home network with wifi AP's setup reccomendations

    Once again hello all Having set up the fiber installation 100/50 I replaced the supplied router with Tenda 1200Mbps Dual-Band AC Gigabit Wi-Fi Router With USB | AC10U and have added the supplied router in universal repeater mode (Tenda 600Mbps WiFi Router and Repeater | F9) The wifi is greatly...
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    Openserve/Axxess fibre unstable

    Hello all I realize that there is an international cable issue, However, I have just set up a new fiber installation after moving and am finding the wan light on router flickers constantly and we keep losing connection. I have swopped out the routers and no luck. Is this normal?
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    iPhone in CPTN

    Anyone know where we can get an iPhone 4 in cptn on contract.
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    MPLS advice and help

    Afternoon Who would be able to advise me the pricing and vendor options availible for MPLS for CT & JHB to connect to Europe.