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    Springbok legend Chester Williams dies RIP Chester Williams
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    Upgrade hdd to ssd failed. Need advice

    So I purchased a mushkin source sata iii 2.5 ssd 500gb and 2x4gb ram from Wootware. I wanted to upgrade my Lenovo T410. It has a toshiba 300gb 7200rpm hdd. I have windows 7 proffessional loaded. I used Macrimum Reflect as recommended by a Wootware customer. After cloning the harddrive...
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    Barbershops in Randburg, Sandton etc

    Any suggestions, I am coloured. And how much cash should I have. I dont generally carry cash on me. Thanks in advance
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    Braai Grids - How old are yours and how do you take care of them

    1st - Stainless Steel - 9 years old in January. Hot water and sunlight dishwasher liquid and microfibre cloth
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    Vumatel & Cool Ideas what to expect budget wise

    There are many threads and post about Cool Ideas. This is not about their performance, which so for past month and a half was fully uncapped and at the advertised speed. This thread is about information that you may or may not have. I struggled to get an idea of what costs other than the R1 725...