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    300GB PS3 + 12 Games for R2k

    Hi. I have the following which I am looking to sell for R2000 300GB PS3. Controller with extra long charging cable. 12 Games (The blank box is Silent Hill - Homecoming) Looking to sell as I have a kid on the way and I want to make sure that I have some cash in savings. To be collected in...
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    PS3 including games + 2GB HD 7870

    PS3 +9 gamess + 2GB HD 7870 for R4000 Hi all. So the wife and I have a kid on the way and I'm trying to get extra cash together to help us with the costs. I have 500GB (I think) PS3 which I barely use anymore. I also have a Sapphire HD 7870 2GB which I am looking at moving on. The...
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    5x PC's for sale

    Hi all. I have the following 5 PC's for sale: Chassis - Thermaltake V2P Black Edition (450W PSU, ATX) CPU - AMD FX 4350, 4.2Ghz Quad Core RAM - 4GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3-1600 MoBo - MSI AM3+ 760GM-P34 Gfx Card - MSI GeForce 730 2GB SSD - 64GB Transcend 340 DVD Re-Writer Screen - Samsung...